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Vinyl carpets: Design for indoors and outdoors

They come in countless colours and shapes, are easy to install and easy to clean: Vinyl carpets. The triumphal procession of these quick-change artists has been on the internet for a few years now. Initially, the models were more at home on balconies – but now they are also moving into flats and houses.

Sep 27 2021

Vinyl carpet: the material sets new accents in the home

Woven or knotted, in subtle tones or strong colours, plain or wildly patterned, flat or in a lush pile: the design of carpets is as versatile as their buyers. While some do not leave the design of their floor to chance and invest in high-quality works of art, others prefer to go for a classic. But what does a carpet really have to be able to do today? 

One answer that is certainly universally valid is that it should have a pleasant feel, i.e. it should be soft and fluffy. It should certainly also visually match the ambience in the respective room, offer comfort and not dominate the room. But today, when design must also be functional and practical, aren't other characteristics of a carpet just as important? For example, that the model of desire should be changeable, easy to clean and, in the end, not too expensive? 

Vinyl carpets fulfil exactly these aspects. They are easy to clean, durable, inexpensive and available in a wide variety of designs, which makes them a particularly uncomplicated home accessory. Even if plastic may seem a little unusual for a carpet, the versatile models have already conquered the hearts of their fans. 

While for many years they were only found in outdoor areas, thanks to Instagram, Facebook and co. they are now in the hallway, the bathroom, the kitchen and even the living room of numerous interior enthusiasts. The companies Fancyhaus and Brita Sweden show what other features a vinyl carpet can have.

Fancyhaus vinyl carpets are non-adhesive, but the material is still non-slip: the anti-slip function is on both sides of the carpet, making the models ideal for children or the elderly. © Fancyhaus

Fancyhaus - Made in Spain 

If you pour a glass of red wine or a cup of latte over a fluffy carpet, cleaning it is a real challenge. If, on the other hand, you roll out a vinyl carpet on sensitive floors, you don't have to worry and, above all, you don't have to fret. The carpet can be washed off easily and quickly in the shower. 

One company that specialises in vinyl carpets is Fancyhaus. Fancyhaus was founded in Barcelona in 2018. All of the brand's products are designed and manufactured in the Spanish metropolis. The vinyl mats are produced from high-strength, braided polyester with a foamed PVC coating. 

They have no adhesives, are non-slip on both sides and hold on various surfaces without the need for glue. They are also waterproof, antibacterial and very easy to wash with soap and water.

In keeping with the trend theme of individualisation, buyers at Fancyhaus can also tailor their dream rug to their personal needs. The team offers customised solutions in terms of size and colour selection. © Fancyhaus

Sustainable, stylish – truly Swedish 

Another company that knows a thing or two about vinyl carpets is Brita Sweden. The brand's robust vinyl carpets are made from mainly recycled plastic using traditional Swedish weaving techniques – so they don't lose their pleasantly soft surface. 

The use of the recycled PET fibres or vinyl means that the carpets are hard-wearing, UV and mould resistant and very easy to clean. The wide variety of creative, graphic patterns in either vibrant colours or subtle black and beige means that the rugs can be combined with many interior styles.  

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