Oct 23 2019

Electrolux leading the way with “Better Living”

Better eating, better garment care and better home environment – that is the action plan of Electrolux’s new sustainability initiative. The Swedish company’s “Better Living Program” is not solely about looking at its own business operations and value chain – the development of new, advanced technologies should also enable consumers to adopt a more environmentally friendly lifestyle in their home. 

Sustainability in everyday life

Just in time for its 100th year anniversary, Electrolux is introducing the “Better Living Program”, a concept aimed at making consumers’ lifestyles more sustainable. With this in mind, the home appliance manufacturer is driving forward its environmental commitment and defining sustainability targets to be achieved by 2030.

The focus areas are better eating, better garment care and better home environment. Four new goals have been defined, which are in line with the cornerstones of sustainable development of the United Nations and built into Electrolux’s overall sustainability strategy. 

They include making sustainable nutrition the preferred choice, doubling the useful life of garments with half the environmental impact, removing harmful allergens and pollutants from homes, and implementing a circular and climate-neutral business model. 

“With the targets of the program, we’re strengthening Electrolux’s ambition to develop sustainable solutions for everyday life. We also want to connect with consumers on a deeper level in order to provide inspiration and information,” explains Henrik Sundström, Head of Sustainability Affairs.

For Electrolux, this specifically means enabling consumers to store, prepare and eat food in a way that is good for them and the planet. The aim is to reduce the amount of discarded food and enable attractive cooking solutions that ensure sustainable eating habits. Textiles are also a top priority. The aim is to optimise clothing care technologies in order to extend the longevity of garments while reducing water and energy consumption.

The sustainability initiative also deals with what is probably the most important place for people: the home. The Swedish manufacturer is working on sophisticated solutions to improve the quality of indoor air and climate. Another important step towards sustainable transformation is the implementation of a circular and climate-neutral business model. 

In order to achieve this, the company wants to completely reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of its locations around the world to zero. Circular business models and product designs will be developed for this purpose. “As an eco-pioneer in the industry, we also want to help people lead a sustainable lifestyle in the future,” explains Michael Geisler, Managing Director of Electrolux Hausgeräte GmbH.

“That’s why we use the most advanced, intelligent technologies when it comes to quality and resource conservation. Because only those who really understand the needs of today can tackle the challenges of tomorrow.”

Beyond business operations 

Many companies concentrate their sustainability efforts on their own business operations or value chain, which is very important. However, it has recently also become clear that sustainability can go even further: Some manufacturers are eager to help people lead sustainable lives and therefore driving change in society. Sustainability is an important issue, which will become even more relevant in the future – and not just for companies.

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