Apr 07 2019

Elegance and intelligence – for an amazing culinary experience

Across the whole domestic sphere, the ‘Smart Home’ trend is becoming more prevalent. There is also demand for smart kitchens, with networked built-in devices that can be controlled via apps. With the market launch of the Generation 7000 range, Miele is introducing a series of appliances that set new standards in kitchen technology. These smart products – which include ovens, steam ovens and dishwashers – have aesthetic as well as technological appeal.

A new generation is born

The first of the Generation 7000 devices, an autonomous dishwasher, was launched by Miele last year. The rest of the company’s new, smart series will be available from May this year. “Ten Miele factories are involved in producing this global range, which features nearly 3,000 models spanning 15 product categories. As such, this is the largest product rollout in the company’s history,” says Gernot Trettenbrein, Head of Domestic Appliances at the Miele Group. After 72 months of development, the Gütersloh-based company is launching an entirely new line of products that not only looks different to existing products but also boasts all kinds of technical features.

FoodView, TasteControl and MotionReact

There are three main features that will revolutionise the way we cook in the future. ‘FoodView’ involves a camera that broadcasts HD photos from inside the oven to the user’s smartphone or tablet. This is handy if you don’t want to keep making the journey to the oven in order to check cooking progress. If the roast dinner or bread isn’t ready yet, the cooking time or temperature can be adjusted from the mobile device in just a few taps. The ‘TasteControl’ feature is a world first, which kicks in when things are hotting up. It rapidly cools the oven down once the pre-programmed cooking time has elapsed, thus preventing the food from overcooking. In this way, the cooking process ends at precisely the desired time. The feature is a reliable way of preventing food from continuing to cook in the high levels of (uncontrolled) residual heat, which often causes it to dry out. With Miele’s ‘MotionReact’ feature, the oven guesses what the user wants to do next. For example, the oven beeps to indicate that the pre-programmed period has come to an end. As the user approaches the device, two things happen at once. Firstly, the beeping stops and secondly, the oven interior lighting switches on. These two actions are not simply gimmicks. After all, cutting down two manual steps makes the devices more intuitive to use and means that cooking can take centre stage.

What’s more, the Generation 7000 devices each have a Wi-Fi module, which enables them to connect to the Miele app. The new ‘RemoteService’ makes it possible for software updates to be installed on the domestic appliance remotely via a data connection, so there is no need for an engineer to visit.

Brains and beauty

With the current preference for open-plan kitchens and living spaces, aesthetics are just as important as smart functionality. This is another aspect that is addressed by Generation 7000, which offers four different design lines. ‘PureLine’ works with clear, modern interior design styles. It is characterised by unobtrusive stainless steel detailing and a high-quality metal handle. By contrast, ‘VitroLine’ does not have any stainless steel features. It is a modest design that will work with any modern kitchen concept. ‘ArtLine’ is all about integrating the devices into minimalistic environments. The smooth, handleless glass facades blend in perfectly with modern, urban interiors. The doors open electronically, in response to a gentle tap of the finger. Miele’s ‘ContourLine’ focuses predominantly on the technological characteristics of the devices. It features a sturdy, integrated metal handle and a striking stainless steel frame. 

Although the advance of smart homes is only in its infancy, Miele’s Generation 7000 gives us an indication of the way it is heading. What else do tomorrow’s kitchens have in store for us? We will have to wait and see.

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