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Employees wish for support with home office equipment

The Corona pandemic has led to a change in our working world: Many office workers have worked in a home office in recent months - and will continue to do so in the future. However, the necessary conditions had to be created for the workplace within one's own four walls. In this task, the majority of the employees concerned were left to their own devices - they received little support from their employers. This is the result of a recent survey commissioned by the Industrieverband Büro und Arbeitswelt e.V. (IBA).

Nov 02 2021

In the survey, 58.4 per cent of the decision-makers responsible for workplace design said that their employees had needed support in furnishing the home office workplaces. Less than a third (26.6 per cent) actually took action. 9.1 per cent of the respondents bought new furniture, 9.2 per cent made existing furniture available on loan and 10.9 per cent contributed to their employees' purchases with a subsidy. A small proportion of 0.4 per cent provided work furniture to employees on a leasing and rental basis. In some cases, employees were also offered a combination of financial means and the provision of furniture.

Topic remains important after Corona

The IBA also wanted to know what the future plans were for support with furniture in the home office. This is particularly interesting because a large proportion of employees would like to continue to use the home office more in the future. At the same time, many companies also want to integrate the home office into their employees' daily work routine in the long term. 

However, the willingness of employers to support their employees in furnishing the home office does not seem to be great. 39.9 percent of the company representatives surveyed still see no need to get involved in furnishing home office workplaces. 28.8 percent recognise a basic need, but still do not plan to provide support. According to the survey, the share of those who want to support their employees in purchasing furniture is 31.3 per cent. Of these, 13.8 per cent plan to provide financial support, 10.3 per cent foresee purchasing the furniture and 9.0 per cent will provide existing furniture. 2.2 percent want to use leasing and rental offers in the future.

Tip from the ambista editorial team

Office furniture manufacturers and dealers can tap into new target groups with targeted offers for companies. They should also consider the possibility of offering work furniture on a leasing and rental basis to generate additional income.

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