Dec 12 2019

Flowing boundaries: living areas are increasingly connecting

Living experiments like Das Haus at imm cologne 2020 show that living areas are increasingly connecting with one another. Growing all the more important are fluid room concepts.

Living, sleeping, bathing and cooking, outdoors and indoors – while the living environment used to be divided into individual areas, these are increasingly beginning to flow into one another. Previously purely functional rooms like the kitchen and bathroom are connecting increasingly with other rooms.

Where previously only meals were prepared or people took baths or showers, people are living today. The boundaries between indoors and outdoors are dissolving. Upholstered furniture, rugs and other furnishing objects that could previously only be found indoors now make the patio or balcony a second living room.

Cooking or showering under the open skies is no longer rare. Conversely, an increasing amount of furniture and accessories is moving from the garden into the interior of the apartment.

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Solutions for open living areas

However, what does the increasing merging of living areas mean for furnishing? What new requirements does this mean for furniture and components? An increasing number manufacturers of room systems, furniture or components have examined this trend and are developing products for open living areas. They encounter the increased demands for design and functionality with systematic concepts and a high degree of flexibility.

Decors and surfaces for fluid room design © Sonae Arauco

Furnishing according to the module principle

Thus, for example, current room design systems can be used everywhere. They follow the principle of open design. With consistent optics, your wall or storage elements become suitable for various living areas. Depending upon personal needs, modular furniture systems can also be compiled today. Like with a module, the individual parts can be combined irrespective of the room usage. 

Selection with a high degree of flexibility

The variety of furnishing options is increasing at the same time. Furniture can in the meantime be individually configured and adapted to the respective environment in its colour or material. A large selection of decors and surfaces is available to this purpose, and can be combined in a variety of ways. Thanks to new, resistant materials and textiles, usage indoors is just as possible as beneath the open skies. New technical features, such as intelligent sound or light systems, support flexible room design. 

Pioneering room concepts

The traditional separation of individual living areas will in future be increasingly abrogated. Not only our lifestyle speaks in favour of this, but also an increasing scarcity of living space. The more the available space is reduced, the more important fluid and multifunctional room concepts become. Exhibitors of imm cologne offer a large number of future-oriented products and furnishing solutions.

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