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Fragrant hay wallpapers: Ecological and antiallergenic

interzum 2019 in Cologne once again offered the supplier industry the opportunity to reveal all its innovative power. A central focus of this year's trade fair was material innovations and disruptive technologies. In addition to the "Disruptive Materials – Changing the Future" piazza special area, manufacturers like Organoid Technologies GmbH from Tyrolia, for example, also impressively showed how they deal with the themes of resource efficiency and sustainability.

May 29 2019

See, feel, smell

A trace of freshly mowed hay, the sweet fragrance of vanilla and the tangy pungency of cut wood wafted at the stand of Organoid Technologies GmbH at interzum. This is no wonder, because a bit of nature enters the home with the plant-based wall coatings of the Austrian company.

The innovative decorative coatings feature natural and authentic materials such as, for example, flowers, herbs, moss, bark, leaves, grass and fruits. The warehouse collection 2019 contains 22 different surfaces on seven carrier materials.

Ecological and sustainable

According to the Austrian company, attention is paid to ecological and sustainable techniques in the production of the plant-based coatings. This starts by harnessing green electricity and ends with the use of binders that are free from biocides, plasticisers and solvents.

Since the surfaces of the coatings are left untreated, the scent properties of the materials are retained. Yet, at the same time, the scented decorative coatings, panels and wallpapers are 100 per cent antiallergenic. In addition, the products are characterised by a natural feel and an impressive appearance, of which visitors to interzum 2019 could convince themselves.

Wall coatings and natural wallpapers

In a standard process, the compressed natural materials are applied to fire-resistant HPL panels. Depending on the application, in addition to any wood-based materials, other substrates can be used, such as flexible non-woven materials and fabrics, paper and metal as well as transparent plastics.

The natural wallpaper that is also part of the range is produced on a non-woven wallpaper base or a self-adhesive film. It is available in various versions. The natural wallpaper is rolled up as small as possible and shipped in boxes. It can be cut to size with standard tools and fixed to the wall like a conventional wallpaper. The organic decorative material can also be used to cover furniture fronts.

Designing spaces with a natural twist

Ideal applications for the organic coatings and natural wallpapers include wellness areas, restaurants, offices and shops. But the plant-based finishes can make for a pleasant atmosphere in private homes too.

The sustainable natural products can in the meantime be purchased worldwide via the sales network of Organoid Technologies GmbH. Close to 20.000 m² of natural surfaces were produced in Tyrolia in 2018.

Author: Katja Ollech

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