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May 08 2018

The new lighting products for 2018

The lamps presented for the 2018 season are graceful, minimalist, poetic, colourful, clever and – yes – sustainable. The ambista editorial team has selected the most beautiful new lighting products for you here.

The lighting sector is undeniably one of the most dynamic and creative product areas at present. Driven by the new design possibilities LED technology has opened up, decorative light has grown in importance over the last few years. Alongside original design ideas such as Carpyen’s crossing of a side table and stand lamp, new lighting solutions for the home primarily impress with their sheer beauty. Technology modestly takes a backseat – after all, it is of little interest to end consumers these days. What they are looking for is a lamp that looks just as good, and that illuminates just as harmoniously, as the “old lamps” – but with the latest energy-saving technology. And – of course – the products need to be sustainable. Many people are surprised that these beautiful lamps not only feature LED technology, they can also produce even better mood lighting than their incandescent predecessors. What is particularly striking is how many of these modern lamps not only imitate the mood, but also the design of classic lamps from the 1970s through to the 1990s. There is also plenty of innovation, however.

Carpyen – Carla

Chair, table or still a lamp? Whatever you want it to be: Carla by the Spanish lighting manufacturer Carpyen is a hybrid piece. The original cross between side table and stand light simultaneously provides illumination and a place to put things. Despite being made of solid oak, Carla features soft lines. The linen lampshade is height-adjustable and provides pleasant illumination. Whether Carla really can be used as a chair, we wouldn’t like to say. At your own risk!

BuzziSpace – BuzziHat

Hat-shaped lights: Some distinctive hats stand out to such a degree that they become inextricably associated with the wearer – be it the Queen Mother, Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash or, more recently, the hip-hop artist Pharrell Williams. As a rule, both the hat-wearer and the headpiece itself will be larger-than-life. That is exactly what Belgian designer Alain Gilles is aiming for with his lamp collection BuzziHat. The sound-absorbing illumination features a high-end lighting module, an upholstered top part and a metal ring. The upholstered part at the top of the lighting module is available in various lengths for more or less pronounced sound-absorption.H c    

Hay – Marselis

Danish street art: The Marselis floor and table lamp by Hay offers flexible functional lighting. The lamp’s swivelling head can be turned around the horizontal and vertical axes. As a result, the circular disc that functions as a light source can produce direct or indirect work light, with a three-level dimmer on the back of the disc. The body of the lamp is made of powder-coated pressure-cast aluminium and the light source is an opalescent lens. The iconic design by Cologne-based duo kaschkasch was inspired by Danish road signs.

Artemide – Yanzi

Poetic light landscape: The Yanzi lamp collection by Artimede – designed by the Chinese duo Neri & Hu – is graceful and minimalist. Stylised birds rest on airy perches – some in glass cages – like delicate mobiles. The hand-blown glass spheres in the beaks of the brushed-brass bird figures emit a diffused light. The designers were inspired by the large numbers of swallows that populate the roofs, window ledges and scaffolds of Shanghai. The result is a landscape of light, a synthesis of tradition and modernity, cast in graphic elements.

Brokis – Big One

Sphere within a sphere: The Czech designer Lucie Koldová created her Big One lamp specially for the prestigious “Das Haus 2018 – Interiors on Stage” installation at imm cologne. A protective external glass shell contains a smaller glass sphere. A ray of light emanates from the matte core, and finds free expression within the shell. The sophisticated design featuring a bubble suspended in the centre of a large sphere evokes a sense of levitation in space. Big One was first on display as part of the international interiors show in Cologne and was recently given its official presentation.




by Carpyen


by Buzzispace
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