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Furniture assembly: Click instead of fitting

Laminate and parquet flooring can be easily joined in the joint area using a click system. Now this development is also possible for the assembly of individual components of a chair, table or shelf without glue and clamps. We present an example: The Irish supplier Ovvo has developed a joining system. 

Oct 11 2021

Simplify furniture assembly 

The invention of click technology in the flooring sector at the end of the nineties was a revolution. Invisibly connected, quickly assembled, without glue and clamps - that was the result of years of development work. For a few years now, there have also been initial attempts to adapt the click system from the flooring sector to furniture construction. The benefits of this trend cannot be denied: In addition to quick assembly, the piece of furniture can also be quickly disassembled again if necessary by moving the click elements. And that without much effort and the use of additional tools.

One supplier who deals with plug-in connections for furniture is the company Ovvo. The connection system of the Irish company is a patented solution that makes it possible to connect two pieces of material without the use of tools, adhesives or screws – invisibly. 

The click-together connectors from Irish company Ovvo can also make connections at angles that are not possible with bolts, nails and screws. © Ovvo

Furniture connectors with a click 

Ovvo's products are a range of invisible connectors that simplify the joining of wood. The connectors are installed during the manufacturing process, allowing the end user to simply click cabinets, shopfitting components, door frames or furniture together without the need for tools, screws or adhesives. The result is an accessible, sustainable product that saves consumers and manufacturers alike time, money and effort.  

Since its inception in Ireland in 2014, the Ovvo brand has aimed to make people's lives easier through innovation. Product simplicity should be at the heart of every new development. For example, all of Ovvo's fasteners are designed for automated assembly and its recently announced partnerships with leading software providers Cabinet Vision, TopSolid, iFurn, Swood and Cabinet Sense ensure that manufacturers can easily integrate all of Ovvo's products into their existing processes as well as the design and development of new products. 

In addition, all fasteners can be installed in a wide range of materials, from high quality hardwoods to chipboard. All fastener sizes are available in both permanent and releasable versions, expanding the choice of materials and options. The click systems work best in panels thicker than 12 mm.

The introduction of Ovvo's V-1230 Drilling range is a direct response to customer and machining requirements. The new connector has been developed with current manufacturing processes in mind and incorporates a new, patent-pending pin design. © Ovvo

New V-1230 drill range expands application range  

The new connector has been developed with current manufacturing processes in mind and incorporates a new, patent-pending pin design. The new design allows the connectors to hold themselves within the panel material by using 32-mm-centred 8-mm holes as standard. There are three new products in the V-1230 Drilling range, a 25mm shank releasable version, a 20mm shank permanent version and a 10mm shank permanent version. Each of these products expands the range of materials, industries and applications in which Ovvo's products can be used.  

"We are very excited to launch our truly ground-breaking fastening system in a completely new format that expands the range of applications for which Ovvo can provide a unique set of design opportunities and production efficiencies," explains Sean Phillips, inventor of Ovvo.

Author: Bernadette Trepte

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