Furniture brand stores gain relevance

Consumers have adjusted their shopping behavior in the course of the Corona pandemic, and this is also having an impact on future purchasing behavior. Overall, Germans' shopping activities are on the rise.

Aug 05 2021

More than 50 percent of German consumers made some to all of their purchases offline before Corona. The various lockdowns then caused a switch to online shopping. Almost 30 percent now say they intend to maintain their changed shopping behavior even after the pandemic, according to a recent study by Simon-Kucher & Partners among consumers in Germany and internationally.

Flexibility becomes a key factor

Nina Scharwenka, Partner in the Global Consumer Goods & Retail Practice at Simon-Kucher says: "The past few months have shown one thing: the future cannot always be planned and flexibility represents a key factor for sustainable and continuous growth." German manufacturers and retailers must also place their one focus on this."

Consumers appreciate convenient shopping options

Overall, consumers are planning to spend more money again: The study shows that when shopping online, shoppers particularly value the aspects of convenience (e.g., home delivery, less time investment) and unrestricted availability of the product range (e.g., broad product range, at any time of day). In stationary retail, on the other hand, consumers prefer direct availability and the experience of being able to see and touch the product. Similarly, non-existent shipping costs are an argument for shopping locally.
However, even classic offline categories such as food and beverages, which were allowed to open in the lockdown, show a significant increase in usage in the online stores of well-known retailers (+24% food, +23% beverages) and this also beyond the pandemic.

Strong brand stores convince with furniture

Brands are enjoying a renaissance in uncertain times: brand-owned online stores are on a par with the online stores of established retailers (+13%) in terms of the additional usage expected in the future. In the categories of beauty and care products, small household appliances and furniture, branded online stores can even clearly outperform all other channels. 

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