Feb 05 2019

Furniture industry: the social media trends for 2019

What are the top social media trends for 2019, and how can the furniture industry benefit from them? Here’s our overview of the most important predictions for this year.


Following in Snapchat’s footsteps, the social networking platforms Facebook and Instagram have also launched stories. This content is available for 24 hours only. The limited window increases the pressure on users to view the stories. Why? Fear of missing out, or FOMO for short. After all, no one wants to feel as if they’re not included.

For companies in the furniture industry, stories open up considerable opportunities. Manufacturers can provide insights into their production processes; furniture brands can tell personal stories to make their company more relatable and build customer trust. In a recent development, adverts can now also be placed in Facebook Stories.

Social TV

Television is old news: any furniture company that is active on social media today won’t be able to avoid social TV in the long run. Social TV is a social media trend that has emerged thanks to the growing range of online streaming services, such as YouTube, Amazon Prime and Netflix.

IGTV (Instagram TV) is currently creating a big buzz. It screens series custom-produced for Instagram TV. For interior design companies, IGTV is an opportunity to successfully promote their brands in short, captivating videos. High quality is the most important criterion for short videos on Instagram.


Another social media trend for 2019: messenger services. After the launch of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, Instagram Direct is now attracting growing interest among online marketers. Companies are increasingly deploying chatbots – intelligent robots – to answer user queries. At the same time, automated and targeted communication is becoming much more widely accepted.

Furniture companies stand to benefit from the opportunities for customer communication that this opens up. Experts predict that WhatsApp will establish itself as a business communication tool. All this may sound like futuristic visions to most furniture manufacturers and those in the wholesale and retail trade, but it is already entrenched in a number of large corporations, including BASF, Deutsche Telekom and Lufthansa.


As in previous years, influencer marketing is poised to be a hot topic in 2019. Influencers are opinion formers on social media. Used correctly, they can be valuable multipliers for companies. The key is to choose influencers that are a good fit for your brand. 

Our tip: don’t look for influencers with huge follower numbers. Aim for nano-influencers instead. These are influencers with small numbers of followers in three digits at a maximum. Nano-influencers are set to become increasingly relevant this year – and they’re often much more cost-effective than the big players.

In brief

Interior design companies and furniture brands that want to use social media marketing to reach new and existing customers will increasingly need to gear their content to user behaviour on social media. This should go hand in hand with optimising their content strategy, something no company can avoid in the long run.

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