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Furniture that grows with your child

Kids grow really fast. Before you know it, their pants, T-shirts and shoes no longer fit. Even wardrobes and beds can often only be used for a short time given how quickly kids grow. This is especially annoying if you have invested in high-quality, expensive furniture for your child’s room. Luckily, there is furniture that grows with the child. 

Sep 03 2019

The decisive advantage of children’s furniture that can be used for a long time is its cost-effectiveness. The pieces can be used in many different ways so parents save a lot of money. What’s more, investing in furniture that grows along with the children is also a matter of sustainability

Instead of buying new furniture for the many growth phases of a child, you can simply skip the baby crib, junior bed and full-size bed stages. This can be done with a single flexible piece of furniture that can be used over a longer period of time. In these times of increasing mobility, it also allows enormous flexibility since young families tend to relocate much more often these days. 

Box-shaped modular furniture 

But how can baby furniture be used up to adolescence? Modular box-shaped children’s furniture is particularly well suited for this. One such manufacturer of children’s furniture is de Breuyn. The company offers a complete programme of box furniture with different shelf heights, a drawer platform and toy chests, as well as wardrobes of various sizes and a baby changing unit. 

All of the furniture takes children’s body sizes into account as well as their ability to put things away. de Breuyn’s growing furniture has a timeless aesthetic so the pieces are not subject to current trends or the ever-changing whims of kids. 

For the current KASVA collection, the children’s furniture manufacturer also has play beds in its programme, which can be combined with elements such as a climbing tree, cabin and roof. All of the beds in the KASVA collection can be converted and grow with the child. 

Basic cubic shapes and quiet colours

Munich-based company FILOMI also offers an innovative, modular, flexible, growing and sustainable furniture system for children’s rooms. Nine stylish modules accompany children from the changing table all the way to the teenage years. 

But the FILOMI furniture system not only grows along with the child – thanks to its simple basic cubic shapes and quiet colours with carefully selected accents, it can also be adapted to any home style. Robust, high-quality materials such as solid wood and felt as well as stable connecting elements made of stainless steel can handle reconfiguration and the boundless energy of kids. 

The innovative construction has been filed for German and European patents. The philosophy of the Bavarian manufacturer also includes short supply chains, sustainably produced wood and regionality. 

The connector as a core element

The furniture startup LUN owned by Theresa Horn and Mike Knoll also specialises in modular furniture that grows with the needs of families over the years. Taking their sustainable business idea, the founders want to offer an alternative to “fast furniture”.

The design focus is on modularity and multifunctionality as well as sustainability and lightweight construction. The core element of LUN is a connector made from traditional wooden threads. This makes it possible to assemble or disassemble a piece of furniture without tools or instructions. Once dismantled, it can be packed into a knapsack and carried by one person.

Sustainability is also a priority for LUN. During the “early startup stage”, it is possible to purchase a basic package and upgrade it later. In addition, individual elements can be purchased. Certain elements that are no longer needed can be returned to LUN. If the customer wants to purchase additional elements, they can opt for new ones or buy them used, which are less expensive. 

Exciting market for furniture manufacturers

With the increasing mobility and growing awareness of sustainability, adaptable children’s furniture is an exciting market for furniture makers – especially because competition in this segment is still manageable. The focus here should be on a pared down, timeless design instead of current colour and shape trends. Playful design elements and child-friendly home accessories can also complement the portfolio and provide additional sales opportunities.

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