Aug 11 2020

Holiday lets serving as smart-home showrooms

Holiday apartments and holiday homes are proving particularly popular during the coronavirus crisis. In addition to location and price, furnishings also have a key role to play when choosing the right accommodation. Owners of holiday lets wanting to present their guests with the latest trends in terms of interior design and technology can turn to Roamlike, a platform whose services include exclusive partnerships with renowned manufacturers of furniture and kitchens.

Try it on holiday, buy it at home

Breaks in holiday apartments and holiday homes are in high demand. The ability to book rooms, apartments or houses quickly via Airbnb, Casamundo, HomeAway and so on has transformed the German tourism market. Google has also spotted the trend, recently adding holiday lets to its hotel search function. 

“Estimates suggest that, in the holiday home market, there are somewhere around 155 million overnight stays each year in commercial and private holiday homes and apartments,” says Aye Helsig, Chair of the German Holiday Home Association (DFV).

“Germany is a holiday home destination. Compared with other categories of accommodation, the market for holiday lets is enjoying above-average growth. Commercial holiday apartments already account for one in every ten overnight stays. If we take private holiday homes into account as well, the figure rises to almost one in four overnight stays.”

But the boom in holiday lets is not unique to the German market – other countries are also experiencing growth. Alongside the rise in demand for private and commercial holiday accommodation, guests are increasingly seeking more luxury and modern furnishings and equipment in their choice of temporary home from home. 

Basic decor and facilities may have sufficed a few years ago, but today, in addition to a top location, wannabe holidaymakers often also want to be offered an exclusive ambience before they’re willing to click “book”. And this is where a holiday home’s furnishings and technical features are pivotal. 

Owners of holiday properties can find help choosing the right furniture on the Roamlike platform, among other services. Here, they can buy furnishings at a discount for their accommodation in return for displaying the products for advertising purposes. This way, guests can use and thoroughly test the items during their stay.

The product range covers everything from small welcome gifts to entire kitchens. Through this type of cooperation, owners of holiday apartments and homes can obtain affordable furnishings and equipment for their properties that their guests can trial extensively during their stay. In a recent development, Roamlike has attracted the company Kimocon to participate in the platform.

Heavily discounted or absolutely free of charge: Roamlike offers customers a selection of branded products tailored to their holiday properties. The owners are then free to choose the offers they want to take up and make available to their guests. © Roamlike

A smart partnership

Kimocon, the platform for ergonomic and smart, networked homes based in the small German town of Pfullendorf, Baden-Württemberg, has recently partnered with Roamlike and joined its brand portfolio. Holiday-home owners who are looking for a kitchen can now also purchase Kimocon products at special rates through the Roamlike discount system.

Kimocon’s kitchens are available on the platform in different designs and price categories, ranging from basic models to fully connected, smart high-end kitchens. And if required, the entire kitchen can even be designed ergonomically and configured for smart connectivity.

“We’re delighted to count BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, with its strong brands Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau, Neff and Constructa, among our suppliers of domestic appliances,” explains Christian Hartmannsgruber, founder and CEO of Kimocon. “As a result, Roamlike’s customers benefit from reliable, top-quality products.” 

You won’t find the opportunity to experience kitchens in person and to test them over a relatively long period of time anywhere else on the kitchen market. Holiday homes are the ideal location to familiarise yourself with new furniture, kitchens and smart-home gadgets. The Roamlike platform brings together precisely these two points – the latest interiors trends for owners of holiday properties. 

“The service concept is our top priority, which makes us a perfect fit as partners,” says Hartmannsgruber. “Roamlike provides us with a great opportunity to generate additional sales through new customer groups. This way, a holiday home becomes a showroom, and potential customers are able to try out our products to their heart’s content.”

Kimocon is synonymous with the future of home living, modern kitchen design and networked technology. The company also supplies ergonomic kitchens, which are able to satisfy almost any need. © Kimocon

Exclusive cooperation in a sector with a bright future

Partnerships and collaborations can help companies to thrive and generate real added value for both parties. The travel industry, which is seeing more and more people opting for holiday apartments and holiday homes as their preferred getaway oases, is a sector where a wisely chosen cooperative arrangement with regard to furnishings and equipment is particularly beneficial.

On the one hand, a modern, fashionable interior boosts a holiday property’s locational advantage and, on the other, it offers brand manufacturers the opportunity to have their products tested by potential customers in a feel-good atmosphere. The result is a partnership that benefits everyone involved.

Author: Bernadette Trepte

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