Dec 03 2020

Home Connect: connected to your household

Relief in everyday life - this is one of the most important goals of Smart Home. In the kitchen, development is already well advanced. In the meantime, even ovens are running with artificial intelligence.

Networked household appliances 

Everybody knows this: you are standing in the supermarket at the refrigerated shelf and trying to remember whether there is still enough milk at home. When in doubt, you take two litres with you, because you want to be on the safe side. With networked household appliances, however, this doubt can be dispelled in the supermarket. A quick glance over the smartphone into your own fridge makes it clear that there is still enough milk at home. Networked household technology thus gives the user a new feeling of comfort and security. You simply put your home in your trouser pocket and control the household technology via app.  

The technological developments of recent years have made it clear that this is no longer a dream of the future. The launch of the first smart refrigerator is already a little way behind and intelligent kitchen aids are already part of everyday life in some households. But the fact that all smart household appliances can be controlled in real time in one app is even more recent, for example with the Home Connect app from Bosch Hausgeräte. 

Here the user has access to all relevant information at any time and can not only switch his appliances on and off, but also select functions such as adjusting timers or setting the appliances to energy-saving mode. And the technical developments involving artificial intelligence clearly show where the journey can still take us.

From the cooker bonnet to the dryer: With Home Connect, cooking, baking and washing become a real experience. The app works not only for Bosch household appliances, but also for the Siemens, Gaggenau and Neff brands from BSH. © Bosch Hausgeräte

New ovens with Home Connect and artificial intelligence 

Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more powerful - and this is now also becoming apparent in frying and baking. In September, Bosch Hausgeräte launched the first Series 8 sensor oven on the market, which predicts when cakes or roasts will be ready, taking into account the individual preparation of the food in the oven. To ensure that this is achieved, Bosch's patented PerfectBake sensor system with baking sensor and the PerfectRoast with roasting thermometer are used. 

In combination with Machine Learning, a new dimension now opens up: the networked oven learns on the basis of a growing amount of anonymised data from numerous baking and roasting processes. This not only makes it possible to prepare many self-created dishes. In the course of time, the oven also becomes "smarter" when it comes to the exact end of preparation of the individual recipe. 

The more and more often households use ovens equipped with artificial intelligence, the more precisely your own oven will be able to predict the individual cooking or roasting product. The prerequisite for this is digital networking via Home Connect. For Managing Director Harald Friedrich, the baking oven with artificial intelligence opens up a new era of customer-centred technologies: "Artificial intelligence in household appliances can help to fulfil people's individual wishes and needs even more precisely. With the combination of successful sensor technology and artificial intelligence, we have set a first milestone. We are continuing to strategically drive this development and the many opportunities it offers".  

Connected Kitchen: The refrigerator and freezer at a glance

Health and pleasure start with the freshness of food. A well-tempered refrigerator or freezer is ultimately responsible for the optimal shelf life of fruit and vegetables. Today, smart refrigerators and freezers with the Home Connect function help users to eat healthily and at the same time become freshness experts and useful shopping advisors. The Home Connect app tells users where in the fridge or freezer the food is stored correctly and how the temperature needs to be optimally adjusted. 

Bosch refrigerators with interior cameras even allow a targeted view into the refrigerator while on the move. For example, it is possible to check what you have in the house and what you need to bring with you while shopping. How does that work? Two cameras built into the refrigerator take a high-resolution photo every time the door to the refrigerator is closed and transmit it in encrypted form directly to the smartphone via the Home Connect app. This way you only buy what you really need and always have a full overview of your supplies. Unnecessary purchases are thus a thing of the past. 

The Home Connect App also helps to save energy. For example, the remote control can be used to control the temperature of the smart refrigerator as required and set it more precisely than on the device itself. If the user is going away for a few days, he can simply set the fridge to holiday mode. This also works in the holiday resort itself – provided you have W-Lan there. The eco mode then ensures sufficient freshness with maximum energy efficiency. 

What you can solve by clicking, you do not need in your legs: Thanks to the Home Connect app, you can even look into the fridge from the supermarket. © Bosch Hausgeräte

Smart Dry: Clean business 

Intelligent washing machines and dryers equipped with the Home Connect function help users to always select the right washing or drying programme via the app to gently wash and then dry their laundry. The user decides when the right time is right for this. The user simply enters the colour, material and degree of soiling via the app and lets the washing machine choose the washing programme. The same applies to the tumble dryer: in order to achieve a good drying result while protecting the materials, the app selects the ideal programme depending on the type of fabric and degree of drying. 

The new generation of premium laundry care appliances from Bosch Household Apps, in conjunction with the further developed Home Connect App, now allows the new Smart Dry function for automatically dried laundry. Thanks to modern sensor technology and intelligent process technology, washing machine and dryer are in close communication with each other: the washing machine sends the parameters of the last wash cycle, i.e. programme, load quantity and residual moisture, to the dryer. The dryer automatically selects the appropriate drying setting.  

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