Jul 26 2019

Home trends for 2019 on Pinterest

Many people turn to social media for inspiration for how to make their house or flat feel more like a home. Pinterest published its home trends for 2019 at the start of the year. These trends are still absolutely fresh because, instead of looking back at the past, the image platform analysed its users’ behaviour to predict the future.Its report is packed with exciting insights, especially for furniture retailers and manufacturers and interior designers that want to keep in touch with their target group. 

From colourful statement wallpaper and vertical gardens to geometric patterns – these are the home trends for 2019.  

Home trend 1: Textile art for the walls

According to Pinterest, textile art is the biggest home trend for 2019 bar none. Searches for this term shot up by a staggering 1,718 per cent in the last twelve months compared to the previous year. Some of these artworks have the same basic elements as grandma’s embroidery patterns, while others come with a modern twist and a minimal design. 

Home trend 2: Mosaic patterns for floor tiles

Old tiles for bathrooms and kitchens are also experiencing a boom. Instead of removing dated floor coverings, home owners are simply painting mosaic patterns in bold colours on them. This finding is based on an increase in Pinterest searches for “painted floor tiles”, which rose by 1,276 per cent over the last twelve months. 

Home trend 3: Indoor and outdoor fireplaces

Another major trend this year is indoor and outdoor fireplaces. This comes as no surprise as they fill a home with a snug sense of cosiness. Pinterest users entered the search term “contemporary fireplace” 763 per cent more frequently than in the previous year. The cleaner and sleeker the homely ovens are, the better. 

Home trend 4: Tin for the vintage look

Tin is also in vogue for 2019. “Tin interiors” took Pinterest searches by storm this year. Tin can appear in wall panels or backsplashes. Searches for this term were up 563 per cent over the last twelve months.

Home trend 5: Offbeat statement wallpapers

Statement wallpapers evolved into a real home trend last year, and Pinterest reckons they’ll still be a feature on our walls in 2019. Searches for “bold print wallpaper” climbed 401 per cent. Especially sought-after are jungle wallpapers with rampant plants, wild animals and exotic ornaments. 

Home trend 6: Vertical gardens

As more and more people are moving to cities and a garden of one’s own is a rare thing in an urban environment, many people are bringing nature into their homes – with vertical gardens. They instantly transform walls into works of beauty and create large expanses of green indoors. According to Pinterest, searches for “vertical gardens” were up 287 per cent.

Home trend 7: Refreshing natural pools

Nature wins hands down outdoors as well. There’s a clear trend here on Pinterest, too. Growing numbers of users are searching for natural swimming pools without chlorine in 2019. Searches for natural swimming pools rose by 262 per cent.

Home trend 8: Cactus arrangements

Cacti and other succulents are also totally on-trend this year. More and more interior design fans are searching for “cactus arrangements” on Pinterest (+235 per cent searches). While these plants tended to appear on plates, pictures, cushions and vases in 2018, now our homes are populated with the real versions. Which makes sense as they work perfectly with the urban jungle trend.

Home trend 9: Geometric wall designs

Pinterest users have turned away from classic plain-coloured walls this year and discovered their passion for geometric patterns on the walls – in the form of asymmetrical cube bookshelves or abstract patterned wallpaper. The image platform saw a rise in searches for “geometric paint” of 225 per cent.

Home trend 10: mustard yellow as a trend colour

Whether it’s for the whole wall or as small colour accents in the form of cushions, bedspreads, bed linen or other home accessories, there’s no escaping punchy mustard yellow in 2019. Pinterest users searched for home decor ideas with the trend colour mustard yellow 45 per cent more frequently than in the previous year. And it’s no wonder: the cheerful colour makes small rooms appear larger and lends homes a touch of Mediterranean charm.

The must-have trends for July 2019

This article is just the start of a series. We’re going to be reporting regularly on the latest Pinterest trends from now on so that you always know which home trends are currently creating a buzz in your target group. Let’s start right away with July. This month was all about summer and lightness. Pinterest searches for pastel-yellow interiors increased by 73 per cent this month year on year. “Food paintings” saw a rise in searches of 63 per cent, with “frozen Moscow mule” also on the increase (+134 per cent). But the runaway success is currently luminous “white gardens” that glow in the moonlight (+167 per cent). 

How can furniture retailers use these findings?

While potential customers are thinking about how to make their home or garden look more beautiful, bricks-and-mortar furniture outlets can pick up on these trends and present them on the sales floor. Put in practical terms, this means adding yellow cushions or throws to a modular sofa, lining up a selection of cocktail accessories in the store or promoting a late-night wedding decorated with luminous white flower arrangements glowing in the moonlight in a customer brochure. But online retailers can also leverage the findings. For example, they can incorporate the Pinterest search terms “geometric wall design”, “tin home decor ideas” or “textile art” into their campaign targeting.

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