Changing work environments

How does the office get into the home?

Since spring 2020 the world of work has changed. Due to the Corona crisis, many employees have retreated to the home office and work on the sofa, at the kitchen table or on the terrace. The office has moved into the home and made sure that their own furniture has to take on new functions. However, most people have already noticed after the first day at work that a dining table, for example, is not intended for working for hours on end. These manufacturers show how you can turn your "home" into a "home office" with simple add ons to your furniture. 

May 04 2020

Home and home office in one 

Since the health crisis, it has often been said that the office as we know it is experiencing its last days and that mobile working is the model of the future. The German Minister of Labour Hubertus Heil recently even spoke of the "right to a home office" and the German Vice-Chancellor Olaf Scholz praised the advantages of working from home in an interview with the newspaper "Bild am Sonntag". "The past few weeks have shown how much is possible in the home office - this is a real achievement behind which we should no longer fall behind," said Scholz.  

However, the fact that most employees do not usually have room for a separate office at home is often pushed into the background. In recent weeks, many employees have been confronted with situations in the "Home+Office" that otherwise play no role in everyday working life. Increased back problems, working in a constant background of noise from family and partner and the lack of extra storage space are just some of the problems that can be named.

Nevertheless, many people master the situation in their own four walls in an exemplary manner and have already come to love the advantages of mobile working. The majority have made the experience that it is possible to work on the sofa or armchair in an uncomplicated and yet concentrated way. And that team-spanning work with colleagues is not linked to a fixed workplace.

Thanks to devices such as laptops, tablets or smartphones, Working 4.0 works from anywhere. But to ensure that it runs as smoothly as possible, it's not only hardware and software that are decisive: the working environment must also be adapted. Some manufacturers have developed furniture and little helpers that are intended to improve the future of mobile working in the long term. 

Standsome - working standing and sitting 

I guess everyone has a table at home. A table that can be raised or lowered at work, I don't think so. That's usually only in the office. So that flexible working also works standing up at home and on the road, the Mainz-based start-up Friedrich & Patriz Möbel has developed a desk attachment that can be used as a standing desk, lectern, desk console or stand.

With the attachment called Standsome, a simple table can be converted into a standing desk in no time at all. First answer the e-mails while sitting down, then complete the telephone conference standing up: The alternation between working in a standing and sitting position has been proven to promote concentration and, with a regular change of working position, the circulation when getting up after a long period of sitting gets going again.

The standing desk attachment consists of four wooden panels that can be easily assembled to the desired working height without screws. If you no longer need it, you simply fold up the attachment and stow it in the corner.  

With the Focus table wall, Zilenzio meets the need for privacy. Thanks to its flexible construction, the textile wall screen adapts to a wide range of requirements and can be easily folded up after work. The complete series was presented in 2016 at the Orgatec in Cologne. © Zilenzio

In the "Focus" - Flexible adaptation of working areas 

If you don't have your own home office at home, you often need a little helper who can help you to concentrate on your work at the common dining table. A small room within a room. The textile table wall called Focus from the Swedish company Zilenzio can do this. The furniture absorbs sound effectively and at the same time creates some privacy in the room. In videoconferencing you are more concentrated and feel more isolated from the rest of the home.

By using natural materials such as mineral wool, wood from the forests of Sweden and working with a selection of well-known Scandinavian designers and international fabric weavers, Focus is not only a powerful sound-absorbing product, but also an eye-catcher. And when the work is done at home, it is easy to fold and store. Even in a rucksack or suitcase. 

Due to the air filling, the special shape and the high-quality material, the Dynair ball cushions from Togu allow dynamic sitting and training. © ToguIf you have to sit, then sit dynamically  

Sitting for hours in the office or at school is often the cause of back pain and reduced performance. However, those who sit "dynamically" counteract the complaints. With the air-filled Original Dynair ball cushion, the German company Togu has not only integrated active-dynamic sitting into everyday life, but has also brought the possibility of effective coordination exercises after work into your own home.

The ball cushion keeps the muscles and intervertebral discs constantly in motion, relieves the back and stabilizes the spine. In addition, so-called sensorimotor training (interaction between nervous and muscular systems) improves concentration and coordination as well as joint stability and movement sequences in general. Once the work at the dining table is done, the bunion cushion moves directly to the chair on the balcony or to the floor for a training session. 


Easy and quick to store 

Extra storage space is rather rare in your own home. When you work in your home office, important files, laptops and desk utensils are often moved from A to B - but always remain within view. A classic mobile container can help. Used flexibly, it serves as storage space under the dining table or beside the couch during the day.

At the end of the working day, the entire home office can easily be stored in the drawers. And thanks to the castors, it disappears quickly and easily into the corner. So you can stay private and you don't have the feeling that you are living in the office. Roll containers are available in a wide range of colours and materials. A classic, for example, are the designs from USM Haller.  

The roll container from USM Haller brings order to the home office. The furniture is not only practical, but also looks good. © USM Haller

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