Dec 10 2018

How to post products on ambista

So, you’re a manufacturer or supplier and you’d like to present your products on ambista? No problem! All you need is one of our business packages. Then you can showcase up to 30 products on the global business network for the interiors industry. Read on to find out how it’s done.

A handy tip: as an exhibitor at one of Koelnmesse’s interiors shows, your marketing package automatically includes an ambista Advanced Business Package. This means that your personal ambista profile with seven products has already been set up by us for a period of twelve months. Of course, you’re free to change these products at any time.

1) Where can I find my products?

In your menu, you will see a button labelled “My products”. Once your Advanced account or other business package is activated, you can add or change your products here. Adding products is really simple: if your product overview is still empty, click on the button labelled “Add product”. This will open an input form.

2) What do I need to complete in the input form?

Start by filling out the “basic information”. The mandatory fields are currently: title, description and main category (in English). However, we recommend also giving a title and description in German. By increasing the quality of your profile, you stand to gain greater visibility, especially in the particularly lucrative German interiors market. Helpful hint: Use an online translation service like Google Translate or DeepL.

With an ambista business package, you also have the possibility of selecting up to 30 product categories when a product doesn’t belong to one single rubric – for example, if a chair is not just a swivel chair but also a chair for visitor and conference seating.

It’s also important to note that ambista features both “Furniture” and “Contract furniture” as main categories. All firms adding products that are suitable for both offices and private homes are advised to take this into consideration. It is advisable to assign an item of furniture of this kind to two subcategories each of which are assigned to one of the two main categories.

Important: The more accurately a product is categorised, the more easily it can be found by a potential customer. For example, if a user is explicitly searching for swivel chairs in the “Contract furniture” section, but your chair has only been assigned to the “Contract furniture” main category, it will not appear in search results for swivel chairs. You should, therefore, always select the narrowest possible category so that your product not only appears in “Contract furniture” but also in “Chairs for the contract furniture sector” and “Swivel chairs”.

It’s also possible to enter your product’s colour and material under “basic information”. Since there are separate search filters for these properties too, it’s highly recommended that you take these details into account. In the case of a multicoloured product or a product featuring several materials, it’s best to indicate the dominant colour or the dominant material. Length, height and width can be indicated in the input form as well.

A contact person can also be assigned to each product. By default, this is the contact person named in the profile, but you can also select another user profile from your company – if available.

3) Where can I add photos?

Once you’ve saved the basic data, you can upload up to eight product images per product under “Images” (button next to “Basic data”). The required format of images is either .jpg or .png. They must also be at least 1,300 pixels in size and a maximum file size of 10 megabytes. Landscape format is best for optimum presentation. Please note that it is not currently possible to choose the order of the images.

4) I would like to change a product

You will find a list of your products under “My products”. A grey pen icon appears to the right of the product names in the list. If you click on this icon, you can edit all the information about your products.

5) I would like to delete a product

You will find a list of your products under “My products”. A grey waste paper basket appears to the right of the product names in the list. You can delete your product by clicking on this icon.

Upgrade your business package now

Don’t have a business package yet? Or maybe you’d like to present more products on ambista?  Order your customized services here to expand your business.

Do you still have questions? Feel free to contact our customer services team by e-mailing or by calling +49 221 821 2651. 




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