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In the corona pandemic, innovative products and technologies are needed to help minimise viruses, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

Jul 05 2022

Since the outbreak of the Corona virus, the topic of hygiene has become much more relevant. The focus of interest is therefore also on innovative products and technologies that make life easier and safer in times of pandemic.

Be it through novel methods of disinfecting rooms, smart methods to reduce the viral load in the air or antimicrobial equipment. We show you some imaginative solutions from the ambista network. 

Integralis lighting concept by Artemide 

Innovative lighting that fights germs: Integralis® is a novel lighting concept by Artemide that, according to the manufacturer, combines good light and aesthetic design with a disinfecting effect. The project uses the visible and invisible radiation spectrum of light to counteract the spread of pathogenic microorganisms in the room.

Recent studies have shown that selected light frequencies can prevent the development and growth of bacteria, fungi and moulds, while certain UV frequencies deactivate harmful microorganisms such as viruses.

The combination of different technologies thus increases the disinfection effect. Integralis can be implemented with selected luminaires from the Artemide range, such as the Discovery series, and is managed via an app.

Integralis uses the disinfecting effect of light © Artemide

YARA free-standing luminaire with LTX technology by Waldmann 

Smart system for safe offices: Yara is a modular free-standing luminaire system whose components can be varied and combined in many ways. Together with the innovative LTX sensor technology, it forms a system that ensures sufficient distance in offices and safely supports hygiene concepts.

For example, it can be used to control how many employees are allowed in certain rooms, areas or floors at the same time. This limitation enables employees to maintain the recommended minimum distance. The prerequisite is that all employees use special booking software to book their office workspace.

Those responsible for hygiene measures in a company define how many office workplaces may be occupied in a certain area in order to minimise the risk of infection. A sensor in the floor lamp monitors the air quality, detects volatile organic compounds and indicates via icons when it is time to ventilate. Because fresh air is the easiest way to reduce a possible viral load.

YARA floor lamp with smart LTX technology © Waldmann

Flotex Planks from Forbo Flooring 

Hygienic, soft and robust: Flotex by Forbo Flooring is a very hard-wearing floor covering that combines the advantages of textile and resilient flooring. It combines a pleasantly soft surface with a robust, waterproof backing.

Therefore, Flotex can be cleaned just as easily and hygienically as a resilient floor. The planks developed by Forbo Flooring are made of special nylon fibres that bind allergens and fine dust and can be cleaned effectively with water and conventional cleaning agents.

In addition, Flotex is equipped with Sanitized, an integrated protection against microbial contamination that prevents the growth of bacteria and microorganisms. Individual modules can also be easily replaced for added hygiene. 

Basic IV UN curtain fabric by Création Baumann 

Antimicrobial decorative fabric: Basic IV UN is characterised by a softly draping quality with a natural, opaque look in plain colours. This easy-care Trevira CS fabric is a classic from the Création Baumann range and is also available with an antimicrobial finish.

The colour palette with a total of 28 soft shades has been developed according to the latest findings in the field of health care and is intended to create a sense of well-being in the room. Basic IV UN is a flame-retardant polyester fabric that is also acoustically effective.

The versatile textile is suitable for both private and contract use. It is easy to clean and can be washed in the washing machine at 40 to 60 degrees.

Beautiful and antimicrobial: Basic IV UN curtain fabric © Création Baumann

OneLife X filter system from OneLife 

Energy-saving and highly efficient air filter: Some of the air we breathe contains pollutant particles that can be dangerous to us. The innovative OneLife X protects against even the smallest particles and does so with very low energy consumption and without filter replacement.

Thanks to a patented technology, almost all pollutant particles and pathogens such as viruses, bacteria or mould are filtered out of the air, according to the manufacturer. The beautifully designed OneLife X is equipped with a precision laser sensor that detects indoor pollutants as well as humidity and temperature. Its highly efficient axial fan creates a precise and targeted airflow and operates almost silently.

Highly efficient and energy-saving: OneLife X filter system © OneLife

Lapland mattress from Hälsa 

Natural hygiene measures: In addition to horse tail hair, organic cotton and organic wool, the modern Tencel fabric ensures the high comfort of the Lappland mattresses. Due to its unique properties, Tencel fabric technology develops a pleasantly refreshing feeling on the skin.

The breathable natural fabric absorbs moisture and still feels dry. Only when you leave the bed is the moisture created in the mattress released. Tencel is extracted from the core of the eucalyptus tree and contains no chemicals. It prevents odours and ensures greater hygiene.

Lapland mattresses with natural Tecel fabric © Hälsa

Moveline cooker bonnet from Berbel 

Smart and retractable table lift bonnet: Moveline rests almost invisibly in the worktop until it is needed. Emerged from hiding by a special mechanism, the powerful hob extraction of the cooker bonnet sucks in all odours and vapours and ensures clean air in the kitchen.

High-quality LEDs in the head of the table lift bonnet reliably illuminate the hob. Thanks to the inclined position of the bonnet over the hob, all rising vapours are almost completely captured. When retracted, Moveline is almost seamlessly integrated into the worktop, making it easy to keep the entire surface hygienically clean. 

The Corona pandemic has put hygiene measures at the centre of society's attention. Innovative companies can contribute to making us better equipped against infections in the future by developing new kinds of products and technologies.

Fully retractable cooker bonnet Moveline © Berbel

Author: Heike Edelmann 

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Portrait of Gregor Jencic
Gregor Jencic
Metra Smart Locker system
14:50 | 06.07.2022
Missing the Metra smart locking system for safe workplace lockers - with touchless unlocking via smart phones, self-opening locker doors, locker disinfection feature, locker features for social distance, etc. and using the germ/bacteria-repellent locker materials.