Jan 04 2018

British bed and mattress manufacturer Hypnos to appear for the first time at imm cologne

In 2018, British luxury bed and mattress manufacturer Hypnos will be taking part in imm cologne for the first time. The exclusive supplier of beds to the British royal family will present its outstanding craftsmanship in Hall 9.

Hypnos is a family-run company that has been producing handmade beds and mattresses to meet the highest demands for more than 100 years. Production is based on traditional craftsmanship combined with technological innovation. In 1929, the company was awarded Royal Warrant status, which is considered a mark of British craftsmanship and is evidence of the company’s extraordinary quality.

Not every night’s sleep is the same – superlative mattresses

Owners of Hypnos beds experience a Royal rest every night. Every Hypnos mattress is fully handmade and is unfailingly produced using the finest sustainable natural materials, such as camel hair, horse hair, cashmere and silk. The pocket springs adapt perfectly to the user’s body shape, guaranteeing the best quality of sleep. This technology used exclusively by Hypnos is based on the number of turns in the springs. The higher the number, the more adaptive. With more than 1,000 pocket springs, the beds also ensure pleasant ventilation, which leads to optimum body temperature during sleep.

Exhibiting for the first time at imm cologne 2018

With more than 20 production partners in the hospitality industry and a presence in over 120 retail stores around the world, Hypnos has been known beyond Britain’s shores for a long time. Participation in imm cologne is the next step to consolidating the company’s position as a global key player.

At imm cologne, trade fair guests can now experience the latest products from Hypnos at first hand at stand C060 in Hall 9.