Jun 10 2019

Intelligent spaces by IKEA

In an age in which living space is shrinking in major cities and increasingly unaffordable, IKEA has come up with a sensational furniture concept. The Swedish furniture company has joined forces with US start-up Ori Living to launch a furniture system that completely transforms at the press of a button.

Furniture that transforms at the press of a button

With ROGNAN as a robotic furniture solution, small spaces can be turned into smart spaces that have all the comfort and convenience of a home, according to a company press release. At the press of a button, the double-sided storage system can turn into a bed, a sofa or a desk.

The furniture system is used as a room divider; the elements not currently in use disappear inside it and are no longer accessible. Press the button again and the storage system moves to the other side of the room. According to IKEA, the furniture solution saves eight square metres in every room it is used in.

Market launch in Japan and Hong Kong in 2020

But the solution isn’t really new. Ori Living launched the concept two years ago. But its price tag back then of US Dollar 10,000 was outside most consumers’ reach. IKEA now wants to produce the furniture system for the masses and make it more affordable. The exact pricing for ROGNAN is currently unknown.

The market launch is planned for 2020. The robotic furniture system will initially be available in Japan and Hong Kong, where large numbers of people live in tiny spaces. It is not clear when the new furniture solution will be available in Germany. Further information on ROGNAN will follow in the summer.


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