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Sleep: 3 important interior trends

For a growing number of people, the bedroom has become fully fledged living space and is increasingly being designed as a whole. The imm cologne has pinpointed three important trends in connection with Sleep that will make themselves felt well beyond this interiors year and is presenting some important new product launches here on the ambista platform. Sleep in Style, Sleep Sustainably and Sleep Better – those are the three developments in the bedroom: three trends that are having a huge impact on a growth market.

Jul 07 2021

Trend 1: Sleep Sustainably | The bedroom goes green

Sleep Systems | Sleep Quality | Healthy Sleep | Circular Economy | Green Products

What options does the interiors industry have when it comes to producing bedroom furnishings and mattresses sustainably and tapping into the growth market for “green” living? Which viable concepts are already on the market today? The bedroom of the future is healthy, made from renewable materials and recyclable, and in some cases even completely circular – including the mattress.


Trend 2: Sleep in Style | The bedroom is turning into living space

Cosiness | Quality | Colour | Daybed | Craftsmanship | Texture

The bedroom is reinventing itself – with furniture. Designer collections, multifunctional elements, upholstered furniture and decorative design concepts featuring mostly natural materials and textiles and a cosy colour palette are turning the bedroom into the new statement piece of the interior design. 


Trend 3: Sleep Better | The future of sleep

Personalisation | Relaxing | Monitoring | Ergonomics | Smart Functions

How can sleep be optimised? In search of the perfect sleep solution, the interiors industry is joining the quest for the magic formula. Ergonomic features are increasingly being supplemented with smart functions in order to deliver more added value for discerning customers: beds, mattresses and modern mattress systems are offering not just comfort but smart additional functions that influence the quality of their users’ sleep. And sales advice is increasingly relying on smart technology too.

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Illustrationen: © Björn Steinmetzler; Koelnmesse 

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