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Aug 10 2018

House plants: Indoor gardening is booming

Those, who don't want to have to do without gardening even if they have no garden, can find numerous solutions for growing plants inside their own four walls today. Mini greenhouses or plant shelves enable ornamental or herb gardens to be grown in every apartment.

One can also grow one's own herbs, fruit and vegetables or flowers in the city. Using the right equipment plants can also be grown in apartments. It is all down to the right care and the necessary supply of light and water. Current products offer manifold opportunities and are thus further promoting the trend towards gardening in the domestic environment.

There is enough space for miniature gardens in the smallest of apartments

For example, herb pots with an integrated water reservoir are extremely practical to ensure the sufficient irrigation of plants in closed rooms. Several manufacturers of such pots also supply the seeds and the right soil. Small greenhouses that are available in various formats today offer space for miniature gardens.

They work just like their large role models: They generate heat and regulate the supply of air and moisture. Wall boxes or plant shelves for growing herbs and flowers are equally space-saving. With the aid of LED lighting decorative raised-bed gardens are even made possible in the less bright corners of the apartment.

Indoor farming for self-sufficiency in the city

In the meantime indoor gardening is also being practised on a bigger scale to enable self-sufficiency in the city. Indoor farms with larger cultivation areas for crop plants demonstrate that it is possible to grow plants without sunlight.

This method also makes it possible to grow herbs, salad and other greenery to cover one's own needs in the middle of the city. Artificial lighting and irrigation systems enable the plants to grow. Whether for one's own use or for supplying the district - the new enthusiasm for gardening is also unabated in closed rooms.

From September 2 - 4, 2018, the world's largest garden trade fair will take place in Cologne. spoga+gafa is also following the trend of make-it-by-yourself and is focusing on a themed island on the subject of indoor gardening. More information is available on the spoga+gafa website.



by HBK SAAR, DPZ Hochschule der Bildende Künste Saar
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