Nov 15 2019

Influencer furniture: From blog to home

Influencers are important multipliers in the interiors industry. It is not uncommon for the things that bloggers like Holly Becker, Jules Villbrandt or Igor Josefovic recommend to later end up in the homes of their community. Anne Dirfard of 170qm and Jenny Feldmann of elbgestoeber have several hundred thousand followers and provide their fan community with everything that inspires their home design on their blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. Companies like Möbel Höffner and online furniture retailer Otto have recognised this development and launched their first influencer collections.

Furniture design influenced by the community

Every day, several hundred thousand people wait for their tips and tricks for interiors and furnishings. They have made countless homes more beautiful through their creative ideas: the influencers. They have an active community that they talk to every day and exchange information about current trends.

Through their posts, tweets and stories, they move people and inspire them to redesign their homes. The concept “from blog to home”, which is already pretty common in the fashion world and beauty industry, is now revolutionising interior design. The first furniture collections are being designed by well-known multipliers from the world of social media and “marketed” to their community through their channels. 

Otto has already announced its first living collections with influencers at imm cologne 2019: Jenny Feldmann of elbgestoeber and Anne Dirfard of 170qm are the selected “designers”. “In addition to the content that Jenny shares on her account, we also liked her very authentic manner: She always has new ideas and really enjoys trying them out for herself in her pre-war apartment at Hamburg’s Fischmarkt,” says Michael Toni, Senior Category Manager at Otto. 

“Jenny is a source of inspiration both as an interior influencer and as a person. With over 110,000 subscribers on her Instagram, she is one of the most successful in her industry.” And other furniture manufacturers have also discovered influencers: Together with Cita Maaß from citamaass, Möbel Höffner launched its first influencer collection in its stores in August. 

Furniture design in flux

What was once the job of famous designers is now being done by influencers at Otto and Möbel Höffner. They are closely connected to their followers, are interested in current living trends and have developed a feeling for what men and women want for their own homes. “We deal with furniture every day,” says Anne Dirfard. “It is not uncommon to feel that something is off or lacking. This is precisely where we can take the initiative and develop the perfect solution for ourselves.” 

Her collection includes sofas, chairs, couch tables, textiles and decorative objects. They represent what you need to feel comfortable at home. The elbgestoeber collection to be launched by Otto this November has a simple yet functional design. For Jenny Feldmann, this was also important: “The idea was to create furniture that is classically simple, modern and, most importantly, suitable for everyday use.

The design therefore blends into any home. Whether the display cabinet finds a place in the living room, hallway, kitchen or bathroom is not determined by the specific furniture category or design but the customer. The same is true for the sofa: Right now, maybe I’d like to have a large, cosy sofa ensemble.

But if that should no longer be the case tomorrow, I can easily reconfigure the sofa and adapt it to my needs thanks to its individual modular pieces. The customer and their needs is the focus, not the piece of furniture. 

Sights set on new target groups

By including well-known influencers from the interiors industry, companies like Otto have a clear goal in mind: Inspiring and reaching young people with an affinity for social media, who have not had these businesses on their radar up to now. The soft launch of the elbgestoeber collection showed that we are taking the right approach: “We will start marketing the elbgestoeber collection in November,” says Toni.

“Jenny has already presented several products to her Instagram subscribers, which met with a very positive response.” Otto will show the elbgestoeber collection at imm cologne 2020. The collection with 170qm will be launched in the spring of 2020.

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