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Can furniture brands benefit from influencer marketing?

Bloggers exert an important multiplier effect when it comes to content distribution. Used correctly, they present companies and brands in such a way that their profile is increased. Bloggers generate confidence among customers and reach new target groups. Influencer marketing is therefore also an important topic for the interiors sector. However, the role of opinion leaders should not only be seen from a positive perspective. Especially in recent times, influencers have been subject to strong, and repeated, criticism.

Jan 24 2018

Reach new target groups through influencer marketing

Collaborations with bloggers, Instagrammers or YouTubers can offer enormous potential to the furnishings industry. Where editors once acted as opinion leaders, many of today’s customers – particularly the younger target audience – put their trust in the messages posted by influencers. This also applies to interiors brands. Industries that are far less driven by emotions have already fully integrated influencer marketing into their communications strategy and are reaping the rewards. Especially smaller market players in the interiors sector can turn the star influencers to their own advantage to generate positive opinions, purchase recommendations and user experiences.

Fake influencers, paid-for likes and bots

But be careful! Few other marketing channels promise so much and are yet so open to manipulation. Why? With paid-for likes and followers, as well as agreements with bloggers and Instagrammers, interaction and reach can be easily increased. Through the use of “bots”, or automation tools, likes can also be distributed to other posts in huge numbers. In addition, these bots even follow other, deliberately targeted, users and leave comments on their accounts. As a result, even a nobody can graduate to the position of an influencer within a very short time. In general, it’s not so easy to detect these fake activities – unless you have the appropriate analysis tool.

Check influencer profiles are genuine

So what exactly does that mean for companies in the interiors sector? Not every blogger or Instagrammer with lots of followers is what he or she appears to be. You should, therefore, closely examine the profiles you want to work with before embarking on any influencer campaign. When studying the data, take into consideration factors including the number of followers, likes and comments as well as the rate of engagement. It is also important not to ignore the quality of the followers. If you can rely on the authenticity and trustworthiness of the opinion leader, nothing else stands in the way of a potential collaboration.

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