Jun 17 2019

Surface trends

At the end of May, interzum once again proved its claim to be a source of inspiration for the global furniture supplier industry. Specialists from all over the world came together at Cologne’s fairgrounds to find out about spectacular new products and innovative surfaces – from laminates featuring wireless charging technology for mobile phones to a collection of wood veneers with artistic aspirations.

With its motto “The PANEL is the new fitting”, start-up company ambigence drew a lot of attention at the trade fair. The business offers a novel system of furniture elements in which the door fittings, manufactured by the Hettich Group, completely disappear into the side walls of the modules. “We no longer consider furniture side elements and fittings as two separate components, but rather as one unit,” says Norbert Poppenborg, Head of Marketing & Business Development at ambigence. Poppenborg explains how the young company sees this as “the perfect fusion of design and technology, which makes it possible to rethink furniture while also opening up new fields of innovation and business.” The innovative integration technique allows for the creation of purist furniture with flawless surfaces – something that is currently very much in vogue.

Beautiful, pure surfaces

“Intentek”, the wireless charging surface from the Formica Group also does away with visible technology: all that can be seen is a beautiful, unbroken surface finish. Intentek is a laminate with integrated charging technology, which is incorporated into the coating surface. This allows mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices to be charged as safely and reliably as with standard cables. The 5 x 5 cm charging zone can be accommodated within any of Formica’s single-colour laminates. The arrangement and number of zones are custom-designed for each project.

Robust nanocoating

The material “Fenix NTM” from the Italian company Arpa produces extremely tough surfaces with a velvety soft feel in a matt colour palette. The application of a nanocoating containing acrylic resin protects them from fingerprints or scratches; superficial micro scratches can even be repaired with the application of heat. These properties make Fenix a versatile surface material for interior design applications, such as the production of tables, shelves, chairs or room dividers. For private kitchens, living rooms or bathrooms as well as for the contract sector. At interzum, Arpa presented new matt, metallic shades such as “Oro Cortez” and “Argento Dukat”.

Sparkling light effects

On the other hand, shimmering reflections of light are the distinguishing features of “Kristall Metallic” – a hard-wearing, high-gloss surface containing acrylic glass from the furniture parts supplier Niemann. The material’s glossy properties are provided by evenly distributed metallic pigments. The composite material Kristall Metallic consists of a wood-based substrate with a coating of acrylic glass, making it break-proof and abrasion-resistant. The material is suitable for interior construction and can be processed in a variety of ways.

Three-dimensional elements

In order to create metallic 3D effects on furniture, long-established company Manetti Design has developed hot stamping foils for panels, boards and profiles made from PVC, wood or MDF. In addition to matt and reflective variants, brushed and embossed looks are also available. The foil surfaces are resistant to chemical and mechanical influences, meaning that they can be used both indoors and outdoors. With its “Diventa” range, 3B – also based in Italy – goes one step further and offers furnishing elements with stylish graphic finishes, which can be easily assembled to form sideboards and containers in a DIY process.

Veneers and realistic wood finishes

The range from Alpi Wood includes real wood veneer collections, which have been crafted by internationally renowned designers to emphasise the beauty of the material and its surfaces. The new designs by Piero Lissoni and Martino Gamper have placed an emphasis on geometric patterns with veneers of contrasting types of wood. Numerous stands at interzum also presented laminates whose wood-based finishes have an incredibly realistic look and feel – such as those exhibited by Schattdecor, for example. These products combine a natural appearance with easy-care surfaces.

Customisable XXL boards

German manufacturer Homapal showcased the deceptively realistic-looking marble finishes on its “Aquaris SpaSystem”, which is very quick to install. The panels are 100 per cent waterproof and therefore suitable for bathrooms, spas and wellness areas. They are made of closed-cell polyurethane foam with HPL coating on both sides and are impact-resistant and break-proof despite their low material thickness. Homapal Aquaris is available in other sophisticated surfaces and finishes, such as granite, quartz, wood and metal. Even personalised, digitally printed finishes are possible – an important factor given that the megatrend for individualisation continues to be highly relevant for end customers.

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Portrait of Dr. Igor Spiridonov
Dr. Igor Spiridonov
13:57 | 19.06.2019
At the exhibition I visited the booth of the company FANTONI. On the stand were round tables on one leg. I asked them what edge they used for this table. No one could answer me. Maybe you can find out?
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