May 13 2019

Instagram: interior blogger gives helpful tips

Instagram is definitely the most powerful medium to communicate a message and, of course, to get new customers, also for the furniture industry. Images have the rare power to immediately appeal to people, that’s why a good Instagram profile could really make a change to the business of furniture dealers and manufacturers. It also helps to get more customers. What’s more, if you would like to create a consistent community of regulars around your interior brand or your furniture products, Instagram proves to be very effective.

How interior brands get a winning Instagram profile?

Therefore, interior brands can find a list of 10 tips to get a winning Instagram profile! Get prepared, keeps your mobile close to you and enjoy it!

Define your target

Define what kind of followers you want to speak to and adapt contents about interior design to the needs of your public. Make sure, then, that each photo you upload will be interesting to your “ideal follower”. For example, decide if your target involves either women or men, either young or adults, either students or workers. Each category needs a different language and contents.

Create a good bio

The biography at the top of your profile is your first presentation. First of all, you have only 150 characters available to convince your social visitor to click on “follow”, so play your cards right; Describe what you deal with in the furniture sector, the focus of your job and what inspires you the most. What’s more, use the same nickname for every social platform to be more recognizable in the context of the interior design.

Differentiate your content

It’s good to keep a coherence of content inside your profile, but do not be boring! For example, share posts about interior design or architecture fairs, pictures of your furniture projects and posts about specific products. Give the most complete view of your work and your business. And don’t forget people: your followers will love seeing the background of your work and your team.

Do not be self-referential

Related to the third tip: your work and your projects are very interesting, but sometimes you’d better look at other people’s work and maybe introduce it on your own Instagram profile. Don’t make your account just a showcase for yourself, but also a medium to discover more about the furniture field and the interior sector; in short, your Instagram profile could turn into a source of information to your potential customer.

Upload only your best pictures

Yes, not every picture is worth the post. Choose, select and edit only the most significant ones and, of course, the ones which keep a coherent mood in your profile. It would be very annoying to find a picture showing a subject totally out of context. In the end, when you're picking a subject, think about your ideal customer. What would they find interesting in a photo?

Use link-tree to insert more than one link

If you own more than a social profile, the possibility of inserting just one link in your bio could prove to be limiting. So, I suggest using Linktree, an application, where it’s possible to create a page containing all the links you need to show. Once you’ve created your Linktree page, paste “My bio link” on your Instagram bio and that’s it!

Share testimonials and reviews

Your interior brand acquires higher value, when people acknowledge and recognize it. So do not be shy and share the positive reviews of your customers. Instagram is a means of showing your professional skills so it’s the place where to flatter yourself show off a bit (exaggeration may sound irritating)!

Use the right hashtags

There is no real rule for hashtags, but you could follow these simple indications to get more visibility in the furniture and interior design sector and collect that public’s attention you are looking for. First of all, do not list more than 30 hashtags and when it comes to picking which hashtags to use, avoid super-popular ones like #love or #instagood. They’re just too vague to be of any use. Instead, use only the ones that are really related to your field.

Involve the right people

Collaborations are always winning, because they allow to cross different communities of followers and to obtain a wider visibility. Getting together with other Instagramers may turn really helpful and enriching: plan a project together, ask for advice and involve other people in your instagram profile. You can collaborate with designers or influencers of the interior design sector, with other furniture retailers, but you can also think out of the box, collaborating with people involved in the fashion, or food, or technology sectors.

Use Instagram stories!

Instagram stories can be a great way to build loyalty and engagement in your community. They establish a more direct and authentic contact with your public; for example, they are the perfect medium if you want people to discover the backstage of a project, the phases of the interior design, and even the more human aspects of your work.

Hope these tips prove to be useful! Let me know!

You can find me on @unacarlotta and @allyoucantexture

Remember, a good Instagram profile gives furniture dealers and manufacturers the opportunity to promote their brands, to approach new potential clients and keep the faithful customers.

Carlotta Berta, alias @unacarlotta, is an interior designer and a design blogger based in Italy.
Her blog, is an online place to read news from the world of design, analysis of new trends, posts dedicated to emerging designers and stories about trade fairs. The blog is enriched with furnishing advices and with the portfolio of completed projects.

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