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Jan 07 2018

Intelligent lighting - the Kleverness smart lighting system

The Kleverness smart lighting system is the latest innovation in smart home solutions. It can completely automate the entire lighting system in a house – without modifications or expensive light bulbs. The installation work is easy, and the system is affordably priced. It could well be the smart home appliance of the future.

Where other smart home lighting systems require the whole house to be rewired, all the Kleverness smart system requires is a Klever hub, which acts as the HQ for all the connected appliances. And of course an outlet, dimmer or switch. The whole system can be installed by any homeowner without the assistance of an electrician. Everything is controlled via a smartphone, laptop or tablet. And it goes without saying that the system can be managed from anywhere in the world. A companion app (an add-on that only serves to expand the main app’s functions) monitors the energy consumption of each switch, dimmer and outlet, thereby reducing electricity bills. Kleverness alerts the homeowner if a bulb with high energy consumption is in use and suggests replacing it.

No Bluetooth or Wi-Fi required

Each Klever switch and dimmer in the home is a high-frequency repeater and can be connected to the system no matter how far away it is from the hub. The hub supports up to 512 devices – enough to cover even the largest houses. 

Klever products learn

The system is equipped with artificial intelligence and remembers when lights are normally switched on and off in the house. It retains this pattern until a custom lighting plan is programmed.  The light can go on in the bedroom at 7 a.m. and shortly afterwards in the kitchen.  The system can even be synchronised with the sunrise and sunset. The possibilities are endless. Kleverness is compatible with other smart home products already available on the market, such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple HomeKit and Samsung SmartThings. The Klever hub packages are priced from US$ 87.00 and will go on sale from May 2018.

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