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Jun 13 2018

Interview with - The ROPO effect in the furniture industry

Since January 2018, consumers have also been able to find products in their area on the online platform The new LoPro Multi concept makes this possible. Consumers who only want to get product information online will immediately find a store where they can experience the product in person. ROPO effect - Research Online Purchase Offline - is the keyword. In an interview, Martina Schilke, B2B marketing and PR manager at, discusses the customer benefits of the ROPO effect and the opportunities it offers retailers.

Ms Schilke, what are the advantages of the ROPO effect for your customers?

Today's consumers search across all channels. And if you're not where they're searching, you won't be found. This is precisely where we come in with It doesn't matter if you have your own online shop or not. Our partners, which is what we call our customers, find their potential customers where they start their furniture search, and we show them the way to our partners.

We want to strengthen stationary retail, and the customer journey shows us that it's important to be present at all so-called touchpoints. Retailers who aren't visible online will also have a hard time as stationary outlets in the future. Expanding online activities doesn't mean abandoning all of the familiar marketing channels. What's important is finding the right mix.

As a customer, how can I visualise the service integration on the platform?

There are different ways to cooperate with Using the retailer directory as an example, we integrate stationary and multichannel retailers and can sort the products by location, if desired.

If a user searches for a sofa on, the highlighted products are now the ones available in his or her region. With one click, the user finds the dealer's data and can touch, test, and buy the desired product directly in-store. This combines online activity with a retailer's local expertise.

The retailer also gives us his or her logo, all company data and current catalogues, which we integrate into the account.

What is the technology behind it?

We can see from the IP address where the user is from and use this information to display ads and products in a targeted way. The user can also use the filters to specify his or her desired location. All products and retailers within a radius of 50 kilometres are shown.

You're counting on a return to stationary trade despite the trend towards increasing digitalisation. Why is that?

From our point of view, it's not a regression. We're expanding the possibilities for all retailers and meeting users' wishes. Surveys clearly show that, especially in the furniture sector, customers want to test and experience the product before buying it. But today the first search process takes place online, right where the customer notices the need: on the couch. And this is exactly where we come in and connect the market with the target group, both on- and offline.

What possibilities does the ROPO effect open up for furniture retailers who present their products on

By connecting consumers with the market, we expand the target group of retailers and help prevent ad waste. We only reach out to people who are looking for furniture and live in the catchment area. This lets the retailers tap into target groups that get most of their information online and not from classic catalogues.

Their marketing budget can be used in a very target-oriented way. In the run-up to a campaign, we can tell retailers the number of profiles that are currently interested in their product range. Who could ask for more!

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