Feb 15 2019

Keywords of imm cologne 2019 - Part 2

Here you can read the second part of our article series "Keywords of imm cologne 2019", which ambista compiled together with trend expert Frank A. Reinhardt at imm cologne.


The comeback of the sideboard (already to be seen at imm cologne 2018): a lot can disappear behind these (often also decorated) doors, and it looks tidy. The sideboard also provides surfaces for deco & more.

#Display cases

The demand for display cases or modern kitchen cabinets with glass inserts will increase again: after all, we can display our favourite pieces and cult objects there to special advantage.


The shelf will lose a little of its importance in the living room – books and music are available in digital form. Shelving manufacturers offer doors, boxes and drawers. However, the classic library is still popular as a homey decoration (even if it's only photo wallpaper).

#Storage space

If we want to make our homes tidier again, then we need more storage space. This could be the cabinet in the living room, the walk-in closet, the space under the bed, the basement or a garden shed. Even rental storage is increasingly a topic here.


Sofas are increasingly "lower" in stylish homes, or built "higher" for older people. The modular design is making a comeback in some cases. Their advantage is the ability to combine or the flexibility offered by different elements – resulting in living landscapes for individual needs. Moving becomes easier than with a single-piece, extra-deep XXL sofa.


Following a long phase of single-coloured surfaces, the pattern is making a comeback: as patterns on fabrics, sofas, chairs, wallpaper or rugs – but also as a 3D texture on sofas and chairs.

#Armrest chair

We need a favourite place in the home. At the fireplace (top furnishing trend), in the small, private library or at the patio door with a view of the lake. The armrest chair is booming and is the perfect supplement to nicely arranged table groups.


Interior designers have discovered the mirror as a deco object: sometimes in groups of several mirrors on the wall, sometimes as the cosmetic mirror in the living area, or simply placed alone or with other mirrors on the floor.


The interiors world is colourful – this is the actual colour trend. It's actually not very clear which colours are truly trendy. In addition to the continuing trend of a light grey palette accompanied by nature or pastel shades, which, however, appears to be less inspired by Scandinavian features than by nature and ethno motifs, there are two important directions: colourful and dark-elegant.


Wood simply can't be beat. No wonder. It is not only sustainable, but also cosy, healthy and versatile. It is presently staged as raw as possible: not coarse, but "un-smooth". Besides this, metal in particular is popular, usually in warm, high-quality colours and surfaces like gold and bronze – and not only as feet for sofas or tables, but also as decorative elements, for example, for lights, tables and wall elements. Glass is in the process of establishing itself as a third force among materials.

#Smart Home

Besides safety, energy conservation and efficient household management, the smart home theme also deals with the positive influence that smart living can have on health, sleeping comfort, home aesthetics and living climate. The combination of furniture and technology, as well as the development of cross-device applications goes together with the interior design trend of dissolving the boundaries between the individual living areas.

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