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Jan 02 2018

Always keeps you nice and cool: the “Klimastuhl” from Klöber

One person feels too hot, the other too cold. It is difficult to find a room temperature to please everyone in the office at the same time. But everyone needs his preferred individual temperature to feel comfortable in the workplace.  “Klimastühle” (climate-control chairs) from Klöber make compromises unnecessary

Climate-control chairs from Klöber

With the innovative Mera Klimastuhl from Klöber, every employee in every workplace can regulate the temperature according to his or her needs.  The heating function warms the areas in the seat and backrest that make contact with the body up to 37°C, the equivalent of normal human body temperature. With the ventilation function, excess heat is conducted away from the body, and moisture in the seat is reduced by up to 95% and up to 74% in the backrest. Each user can therefore set his personal comfort temperature at the push of a button. This creates a completely new level of seating comfort in the workplace and provides the motivation to achieve maximum performance. At the same time, it also reduces energy costs. When you stand up, the chair switches off its climate-control technology thus conserving the battery so that it only needs to be charged every three days.

Moteo: the executive office chair

After the successful launch of the Mera Klimastuhl, Klöber has now also brought its award-winning office swivel chair Moteo onto the market, which also features the patented climate-control function. The high-quality Moteo Klimastuhl combines elegance with intelligent technology. Developed by designer Jörg Bernauer, the Moteo Klimastuhl is an optimal combination of ergonomics and emotion. The operating elements of the climate-control function and the battery are not obtrusive – on the contrary, they are elegantly incorporated in the seat upholstery. With this chair, Klöber has created a real highlight that adds value to any manager’s office or conference room.

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