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KSC meets Münsterland: "The emotional aspect of the project is huge"

Via Instagram, we learned about a small project by the furniture manufacturer Herr Lars with the KSC. Christan Büchner told us about the details between Bundesliga and bar stools.

Jul 12 2021

What's the deal with the stools, whose seats are made from the shell of a football stand? 

Thank you very much for the invitation to the interview and we are very pleased that this highlight has also attracted your attention. A really nice project with some great customers.  

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A few weeks ago we received a rather unusual request from the football fan scene. In the course of new construction work at the Wildparkstadion, season ticket holders of Karlsruhe SC had the opportunity to receive their seat shells, including the sacred seat numbers, from the club. And four of these shells were to find their way to our manufactory in the beautiful Münsterland region to be given a second life in the form of upcycled furniture. 

Of course, we had to rise to this challenge and make sure that KSC would leave the pitch victorious. After a round of consultation, it was decided that the bowls would be turned into bar stools that could be used both indoors and outdoors. We are happy to show a few before/after photos here. 

Before © Herr Lars

After © Herr Lars

Normally you work exclusively with wood, why did you decide to use a plastic element this time? 

Of course, plastic would not have been our material of choice when it comes to new pieces of furniture or restorations - here we rely exclusively on solid wood from sustainable forestry. In this upcycling case, however, we are much more pleased that the seat shells, which are still completely functional, are not disposed of but continue to be used. So the plastic found us rather than us looking for it.  

Did it require new techniques or materials? 

Not in principle. The seat shells were cleaned by the customers and handed over to us. We were then able to use the existing equipment in the stadium to mount the shells on the frames. We are happy to show you the first sketches here.

Sketch © Herr Lars

You do a lot of customer communication via Instagram, how did your "community" react to the project? 

Apart from the football pros and cons of the KSC, the campaign was of course very well received. The customers made a great decision here and continued to use existing materials in their form. First and foremost, this protects the environment. The emotional aspect of the project is of course also huge and will cause amazement among family and friends.

At the beginning of 2020, you have already integrated an element that was not made of wood into a product: The hygiene stand made of Plexiglas for Corona-safe work. Can you tell us briefly how you did that? 

Sure, with pleasure. At the start of last year's Corona episode, we were approached by local businesses, retailers and schools to see if we could offer a quick solution that would help keep people visiting. We then designed a hygiene display in various sizes and initially distributed it locally. 

The decision to also offer these protective walls in the shop was then very obvious and so our hygiene display became an a-typical permanent guest in our range. Today, however, not many are sold and the pandemic is finally coming to an end. We would much rather sell beautiful solid wood furniture than hygiene displays.

You sell your products D2C in your own online shop. Can you explain why this is the right sales channel for you? 

Our standards for our products are immensely high and the same applies to all the services that accompany the sale. From the initial contact to advice, sampling, shipping and queries about care, we don't want to leave anything out of our hands at the moment. We also don't feel that the margin structures in the stationary trade suit us and are concentrating on expanding our own channels.

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