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Jul 26 2018

Lighting innovations - From the bright and luminous to the subtle and atmospheric

The new lamps are so much more than just sources of light. They set the mood for entire rooms or become eye-catching features themselves. Some draw attention with extraordinary effects and innovative designs, while others focus on sustainability. But one description fits them all – they are shining works of art.

Marset – Dipping Light

Crystal ball: Spanish designer Jordi Canudas calls himself an alchemist of light. He likes to play with effects as a way of capturing the essence of light in its entirety. Experiments with a light bulb and wet paint ultimately led to the Dipping Light floor lamp by Marset. Various layers of paint form concentric circles around a glass sphere, are imbued by light from the centre, and thereby create a magical ambient shading effect. In an artisanal process, the glass shade is repeatedly dipped in paint – resulting in shades of various intensity that colour and texturize the light.

Ingo Maurer – Koyoo

Small, black and flighty: Koyoo by Ingo Maurer is delicate. Very delicate. A small black base, an illuminated circle, and a wire spring connecting the two. Nothing more. The light source on the small, portable object is integrated into the foot and illuminates the circle. Whether used on a table, bedside cabinet, or the balcony – Koyoo provides a pleasant, relaxing light. As an added bonus, the paper shade can be replaced by other reflecting materials or colour foils.

Nimbus Group – Lighting Pad

Light and tranquillity in one: Acoustic boards with integrated lighting may not be new, but they are a great idea since they combine two key elements of interior design. The Lighting Pad brings together two of the Nimbus Group’s competence areas: Nimbus Lighting and Rossoacoustic. The result is a delightfully discreet combination of light and acoustics. The LEDs sit in niches in the board structure and thereby remain subtly in the background. In addition, the fleece surface supports the design of a warm, cosy atmosphere. A version with lights on the rear of the panel for indirect illumination is already in development.


09 Nyta – Pong

Mobile lighting: Pong is a mobile battery-powered pendant luminaire. The cable that links the lampshade to the battery pack can be used to hang the lamp from trees, beams, rails, furniture, doors and windows, or coiled around branches. With Pong, you can take your pendant lamp with you wherever you go, and it can be dimmed using gestures and recharged with USB. The battery and the light source can be easily exchanged, making the lamp more sustainable. In 2017, designer Simon Diener and his prototype were among the winners at the Pure Talents Contest, imm cologne’s competition for upcoming designers. The lamp then went into series production with Nyta at the end of last year.

Martin Tony Häußler – KOR

Luminous artwork: With his KOR lamp, the designer Martin Tony Häußler wanted to bring together traditional crafts and modern technology. In this case, KOR combines a hand-blown, unusually shaped glass shade and an LED lamp integrated into the base. Häußler explains the attraction of this combination: “The personality and experience of the glassmaker flows into every object they produce, making each one unique. In contrast to that you have the industrial manufacture of modern LED modules. The appeal lies in bringing together the strengths of these two fields and uniting them. Individuality meets consistency – the sensuousness and the value of the hand-blown glass meet the compact functionality of modern LED technology.” The only thing missing now is a producer to take on this artwork.

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