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May 02 2018

Live OS: the smart office

Fitness is a major trend. Many people are incorporating fitness activities into every aspect of their daily life and at all times of the day. So-called wearable technology, such as smart watches, activity trackers and heart rate monitors worn on the wrist, allow training progress to be tracked and optimised down to the last calorie and at every moment. Manufacturer of luxury office furniture Herman Miller has tapped into this fitness mania with a networked office system. It is called Live OS and introduces movement into everyday office life.

Everyone knows it’s unhealthy to spend all day sitting down. Some companies have been offering their employees the opportunity to work standing up at height-adjustable desks for some time. Herman Miller goes a significant step further with its Live OS system.

Activity tracker in the office

Live OS is a fully retrofittable sensor system for height-adjustable desks. Employees set their own individual time limits in this system for how long they want to sit or stand at their workstations. Live OS adjusts to suit these requirements, monitors the employee and reminds him/her at the appropriate times to shift position from sitting to standing by means of vibrations, for example.

The system is complemented by the new Live Aeron chair. In a similar way to the desk, the chair also monitors the employee’s posture. Users who lean back too far are prompted to optimise their sitting habits.

Workstations of the future

The sensors send the anonymised real-time data to a cloud, where this information is analysed before being sent anonymously to the employer. This allows managers to better assess the needs of their employees and decide how office space can be used most effectively on the basis of the results. When are the peak working hours? Where is there an unused desk? 

The days of permanent workstations are over. The future lies in shared offices and hot-desking. Not everyone in a company needs their own desk these days. Companies and their employees can benefit from a more integrated, personalised workspace thanks to this system of cloud-enabled furniture, apps and dashboards, which despite its great flexibility also takes the individuality of each employee into account.

The Live OS system is available in the USA and Canada.


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