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Looking back on 2021

A dynamic year is behind us! We show you to you here what interested you and the entire furnishing industry the most in this particular 2021.

Dec 14 2021

Another year dominated by the pandemic is drawing to a close. The furniture industry has continued to perform well, but supply shortages and retail restrictions also bring challenges.

Changing consumer behavior and resulting new furnishing and business trends have defined the year. What interested the furniture industry most this year? Our top topics of the year, can be found here. 

The trends of the imm cologne

Unfortunately, the live event could not take place, but the leading trade fair for the furnishing industry continued to set important impulses with several trend specials

What's the state of the industry?

Current figures on the trade and customer behavior were read with particular interest in the second exceptional year for the industry:

New business through digital selling

If the behavior and needs of my target group change, I should also change my sales strategy. Easier said than done. Because not everyone feels as comfortable digitally as they do in direct customer contact. Reason enough to bring you a whole series of great tips and insights on digital selling. That went down well!

But do I directly need my own web store? You wanted to know that, too:

Particularly in change: the world of work

Between lockdown and hone-office duty, the working world in particular has changed and directed new demands on furnishing offices and private homes, but also sales. These topics were of particular interest to you:

The start-up check: New companies on the market

When new needs emerge in the market, start-ups find exciting solutions

Innovations - Material and assembly

And last but not least, here's a look at some innovations that went down well with you:


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