Supplies particularly affected

Material bottlenecks in the German furniture industry

Material shortages are currently placing a heavy burden on the German furniture industry. Jan Kurth, Managing Director of the German Furniture Industry Associations (VDM/VHK), describes the supply situation for essential supplier products as dramatic. The supply situation for wood-based materials, metal parts and foams is particularly tense.

Apr 10 2021

In a recent survey by the association, more than two-thirds of the production companies report bottlenecks in the supply of wood-based materials. Accordingly, there are also acute supply problems with metal parts, fittings and functional elements as well as with upholstery materials such as foams, tiles, fabrics and leather. Packaging materials and transport capacities are also in short supply.

"Suppliers are cutting back on agreed quantities at short notice, postponing them or cancelling them altogether," Kurth said. These bottlenecks would lead to a considerable disruption of the value-added and logistics processes. Production planning is severely impaired - with corresponding effects on delivery times. In addition, the price development of several supplier products has worsened since the beginning of the year.

"Against this background, we demand solidarity in the furniture industry from the upstream supplier to the furniture trade," says Kurth. "If, despite much lower furniture production as a result of the lockdown, the required input materials are not available in a plannable manner, this has a direct impact on the ability to deliver. "Sanctions for exceeding delivery times must be avoided in this challenging situation," Kurth demands.

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