Sep 10 2018

En vogue: Modular kitchens

Modular kitchens correspond with the sustained trend to have the cooking and living areas merge seamlessly into one another. Designers, manufacturers, planners and traders are aware of the advantages of flexible kitchen programmes and are bringing an increasingly large selection onto the market.

A popular alternative to the fitted kitchen are modern kitchen programmes consisting of individual modules. They can be rearranged again and again as desired and be set up anywhere in the room. This results in an open design appearance that makes the open-plan kitchen a communicative place where one is happy to meet with friends or family to cook and lounge together. Companies that offer flexible furniture and well-thought-out solutions for the modular kitchen will profit from this development.

The heart of the modular kitchen is usually a freestanding island. Simply everything that belongs to a complete kitchen can find its place in the practical and compact kitchen islands: stove, oven, cupboards, sinks, refrigerator or a bar can be individually incorporated. Other elements like cabinets and shelving modules complement the homey environment. Those who don't have enough space for a freestanding cooking island plan a peninsula linked with the wall or work surface.

Thanks to the unlimited setup possibilities, one can place every module and electrical device in the kitchen entirely as desired. Like when setting up the modules, there are hardly any limits to the selection of colours, style directions and materials. Sophisticated design and surfaces suitable for everyday use play just as important a role as the flexibility of the furniture. In this way, customers can freely assemble their dream kitchens according to the modular principle. Well-known kitchen manufacturers like Leicht, Rotpunkt, Schüller, Warendorf or Zeyko offer versatile brand furniture for various budgets and furnishing styles in their programme.

Advantages of module kitchens and freestanding islands:

  • Modern kitchen blocks can be positioned freely in the room
  • Individual modules can be adapted to the connections for water and electricity.
  • Freestanding kitchens can be easily dismantled, transported and set up again at a new location.
  • New kitchen elements or electrical devices can be added and rearranged at any time.
  • Modular kitchens are the absolute trend, because they invite to homey lounging and cooking together with family or friends.
  • There is a rich selection of modularly structured kitchen programmes for every taste.

This should be considered when planning a freestanding kitchen:

  • Connections for electricity and water must be planned for a cooking island. It is easier when the island is only used as a work surface with storage space.
  • In the case of freestanding kitchens, ventilation through extractor hoods or windows play a greater role than with classic fitted kitchens.
  • Stable materials like hardwood or plastic are robust and can handle being moved about or to a new home without sustaining damage. Acrylic and painted fronts are also well-suited for modular kitchens.
  • A uniform floor covering in the kitchen zone and the living area emphasises the flowing transition and the uniform line.


by Warendorf die Küche GmbH

Accento Vitrin Horizon

by zeyko Möbelwerk GmbH & Co.KG
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