An ecosystem behind glass: the Mygdal plant lamp by Nui Studio

With the Mygdal plant lamp the German designer duo Nui Studio presents a lamp and a completely self-sufficient ecosystem combined. The plant lamp takes advantage of the physical similarity between sunlight and LED light, allowing the plants enclosed inside to photosynthesise naturally. There’s no need for watering because moisture can’t escape. An ideal solution for everyone who hasn't the proverbial green thumb and the dedication it takes to tend to greenery in their own home. But also well suited for flats and workspaces with limited natural light. Plants inevitably do not grow as well in dark spaces as they do in light environments.

Feb 07 2018

Design meets functionality

The lamp is made with mouth-blown glass and powder-coated aluminium.  An innovative glass coating conducts electricity via the surface of the light source, meaning no further connection between the lamp and the power source is required. What’s more, the lamps can be controlled while the user is absent via a smartphone or tablet with LightControl. By the way, its name is a tribute to the glassmaker Peter Kuchinke from the village of Mygdal in northern Denmark. Loosely translated, Mygdal means "fertile soil". The Mygdal lamp is available in two versions, a pendant lamp and a standing lamp.

About Nui Studio

Nui Studio was founded in 2014 by German designer duo Emilia Lucht and Arne Sebrantke. The pair met in 2011, while they were studying Industrial Design at the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design. After graduating from Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle, they founded the start-up Nui Studio and developed their first product with the entrepreneur Jonas Thiesfeld – a solid-wood MacBook case

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