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Oct 09 2018

Neo-ecology is a mega trend for furniture

Natural and recycled materials, upcycling or shabby chic are among the ongoing mega trends of neo-ecology. Innovative dealers can profit from this, together with the manufacturers, suppliers, designers, interior designers or planners, who introduce the corresponding furniture and furnishings onto the market.

The theme neo-ecology is a mega trend in all areas of everyday life, it changes our consumer habits as well as one's personal behaviour. For example, the end consumers increasingly ask about the ecological qualities of products and services before making their ultimate choice. Hence, highly efficient LED lights are dominating the scene in the furniture section, as well as furniture made of natural materials or recycled furnishing items.

The neo-ecology trend also includes furniture made of

  • natural materials like wood, stone, cork or felt
  • already recycled materials
  • the vintage, shabby chic and upcycling section
  • as well as recyclable new products

More and more people are opting for genuine materials such as solid wood for the furniture and flooring of their living and work environment. The desire for authentic items particularly arises in times of progressing digitalisation and the dematerialisation of trusted items such as books and magazines.

The regrowing ecological material wood has thus been experiencing an upward trend for some time already. Wood is versatile in its application and particularly popular in connection with modern design. Solid wood furniture provides a pleasant indoor climate, is health-promoting and sustainable.

Furthermore, natural and recycled, reusable materials give the consumers the feeling that they are doing something good for themselves and the environment. Furnishing rooms in a neo-ecological way means that authentic materials like natural stone, metal, felt or cork are given precedence. Further articles will appear soon on the natural material cork and reliable environmental certificates in the ambista magazine.

Recycling furniture with character

New, sustainably produced furniture is en vogue, however many designers are even taking it a step further. They are designing modern and high-quality recycling furniture made of waste and used materials. Because it is no longer just the appearance and price that is decisive when choosing furniture today, but also its eco-friendly production in every possible form.

This is why innovative manufacturers, suppliers, designers and interior designers are changing their production methods and the material composition of their products. And well-informed dealers are geared up for the increasing demand for ecologically produced goods.

Shelves, tables or stools in used look

The sustainable production of some pieces of recycled furniture isn't recognisable at the first glance. In the case of others the recycling process is actually part of the design. The character and composition of the former material remains intact, for example shelves are made out of old wooden palettes, timber beams are processed into characteristic tabletops and faded oriental carpets are given a second life by dying them in current hip colours.

In addition to the use of recycled materials, the theme upcycling also plays a role in the mega trend. Second-hand products are partly or totally reused for this design process and creatively upgraded.

Environmentally-conscious design companies

The recycling sector is one of the largest growth industries today and the boom is ongoing. Purely ecological brands are no longer the only ones to manufacture completely recyclable products, but indeed well-known Italian designer companies like Molteni with the table "Arc" or Moving SRL with the stool "Slim" too.

The lamp "Under the Bell" by Muuto provides an improved room acoustics and additionally comprises of recycled felt. Specialised sales companies like Vintage Möbel24, SIT Möbel or Nature and Style Wohnkultur are successfully marketing furniture made of waste or products with deliberate traces of usage in the vintage and shabby chic sections.

The mega trend neo-ecology encompasses the desire to surround oneself with natural materials like solid wood, cork, felt, metal or natural stones as well as the themes recycling and upcycling. Innovative dealers, who align their offers accordingly, can profit from the growing demand.

The ongoing trend also offers all of those parties involved in the development and production, such as the manufacturers, suppliers, designers, architects and interior designers, a future-oriented field of work.

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