Oct 28 2020

New launches from the world of office furniture

Today’s office furniture is flexible and helps us to keep changing our posture. These changes in our body’s position in space are important for those who want to think and act creatively. A new generation of office furniture focuses on making us more active by alternating between sitting and standing. They support us, instead of allowing us to sink back into a chair. Here we present a selection of the new market launches for 2020 that fit the concept of New Work ideally.

König + Neurath Okay.III office chair (Design: ITO Design)

Backrests with light, flexible coverings are becoming increasingly popular in office chairs. The backrest in Okay.III consists of elastic “bounce bands”, which are available in a choice of white, black or orange. A knitted back section is stretched over them. When you lean back against it, the backrest feels weightless at first. 

But your back is immediately caught and stabilised. You are supported and simultaneously encouraged to keep moving. A special synchronous mechanism enables a harmonious dynamic sequence while seated. The integrated, infinitely adjustable lumbar support ensures optimal pressure distribution. Adjusting the seat height, depth and tilt with the control elements is intuitive and self-explanatory.

Okay.III is defined by its flexible backrest with elastic “bounce bands” © König + Neurath

Kusch + Co 6800 Creva desk (Design: Kaschkasch)

The extraordinary Creva table series brings a touch of the home to the office. The tables’ dimensions and shapes are adapted to make them ideal as individual workstations, a workbench or conference area as well as for the cafeteria, lounge and waiting area, meeting points and break-out zones.

Rounded shapes, well-balanced proportions and angles, and the use of the natural material wood define the design. The rail-free substructure provides extra legroom. The central joint in the tabletop can hold freely positionable power modules, view protection panels and trays. At the same time, it is the distinctive feature of the Creva desk’s design.

A complete set of office furniture can be formed with other elements from the Creva collection, from stools to the compact sofa.

Creva desk – bringing a touch of the home to the office, cafeteria or lounge © Kusch +Co

WINI, Winea Flow (Design: WINI in collaboration with designer Uwe Sommerlade)

Alternating between sitting and standing while working reduces the strain on the spine. In the Winea Flow desk system, a black corner on the table serves as an intuitive control panel for quickly adjusting the table’s height. The more self-explanatory this control element is, the easier it is for users to integrate height adjustment into their work processes.

The added benefit: Users do not have to wait long for the height to adjust. Winea Flow switches between a seated position (65 cm) and a standing position (125 cm) twice as fast as comparable items of furniture. An automated soft start/stop function and an integrated collision protection are included as standard. 

Winea Flow consumes little power and operates quietly. The reduced design of the customisable frame can be modified by adding panels with real-wood veneers, colourful melamine decors or matt linoleum, or by opting for MDF panels. For the frame, customers can choose between T- or A-shaped legs with solid-wood bars or panel legs – which can house electric cables and sockets.

Winea Flow: The control element in a different colour reminds the user to adjust their work height occasionally © WINI

Sedus Stoll secretair home (Design: Judith Daur, Sedus design team) 

Having a comfortable home office is becoming increasingly important – and not just because of the coronavirus outbreak. Sedus presents a modern interpretation of the classic secretaire. The secretair home is a versatile, mobile workstation for temporarily working from home.

Its 80 x 60 cm desk surface has a screen element made from form fleece from recycled PET bottles and is supported by an elegantly curved tubular frame. The slanted flanks provide greater screening at the sides. 

The frame is available in white, black and chrome versions, and the table surface in pure white and light oak. The screen element comes in light grey and anthracite. A power outlet or a wireless charger with Qi technology can be installed as an option. 

Steelcase Flex collection (Design: Steelcase)

Agile teams need flexible tools that support creative processes. The Steelcase Flex collection consists of desks, carts, screens and accessories. The collection’s intelligent details and networked technology enable teams to quickly reconfigure their work environment to meet rapidly changing requirements.

Steelcase Flex also offers a wide selection of material options for creating unique surroundings – veneers, laminates, textiles, lux coatings and paints. Alongside tables and mobile furniture, the collection includes markerboards, table-mounted and free-standing screens, acoustic boundaries and mobile power supplies.

Versatile furniture for agile teams: the Steelcase Flex collection © Steelcase

Vitra Citizen armchair (Design: Konstantin Grcic)

Sitting comfortably in unconventional style: The backrest of the Citizen upholstered chair is firmly attached to the steel frame. The seat, however, is suspended from three steel cables, allowing movement and creating a dynamic sitting experience. This effect is enhanced by the tubular steel frame, which swings gently from its mounting on a swivel base.

Nothing is concealed in the design, giving Citizen an honest, plain-spoken appearance. The chair is available in the Highback or Lowback versions, and can be used flexibly in an office environment, either as an individual piece or as an ensemble to create a lounge. The upholstery covers are available in a large selection of colours and materials.

A dynamic sitting experience: the new Citizen armchair by Konstantin Grcic © Vitra

Wilkhahn, Rider 205 range (Design: Sven von Boetticher)

Those who sit should at least factor in some movement. In collaboration with the design studio Produktentwicklung Roericht, Wilkhahn developed the Ulmer Pulmer sit-stand chair by Nick Roericht and Horst Fleischmann into Stitz. Stand-up by Thorsten Frank continued the theme. It is also not the first time that designer Sven von Boetticher has devoted himself to the sit-stand chair. The sophisticated details in his Rider recall the saddle as the archetypal dynamic seat. 

Like the Stitz, which has been part of Wilkhahn’s collection for three decades, Rider supports the user in every situation where physical agility is called for in everyday office life: in workshops, during a quick chat with co-workers, when reading messages or working at a standing desk.

Rider is lightweight, mobile and easy to pick up and carry in one hand. Users can sit astride the comfortable seat or ride it side-saddle. Intuitive to use, the handles on both sides enable infinite height adjustment to suit different body sizes or heights of use.

Today’s office furniture is flexible. Furniture that keeps the user active and ensures constant movement is called for. This makes the office furniture from the 2020 collections an ideal companion for agile teams and dynamic individualists as they go about their daily work. New types of product such as sit-stand chairs and height-adjustable desks are gaining ground.

Rider is a mobile sitting-standing stool that recalls the saddle as the archetypal dynamic seat © Wilkhahn

Author: Heike Edelmann

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