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Aug 08 2018

New light for furniture and interiors

Light is not only good for illumination, it also influences the mood in the room. So, it plays a special role in the designing of living and working spaces. Current solutions light up furniture and rooms.

Whether for illuminating specific areas of the room or to create an atmospheric ambience - light shapes the design of interior spaces. Hereby lighting solutions nowadays have to meet a lot of different demands. Living and working has undergone a transformation.

New functions are coming to the fore. Considerations such as flexibility, efficiency and sustainability are gaining increased importance. The design and technology demands have also increased. Contemporary lighting concepts react to these trends with innovative luminaires, lighting systems, sensors and other products.

A wide spectrum of products for implementation in furniture

Today's lighting technology offers new possibilities on the living and interiors front. Flat luminaires built into furniture, bundled LED spot lights or diffuse OLED surfaces create an effective setting in rooms and specific areas of rooms.

There is thus a wide range of lighting products: extremely small and lightweight under-unit lights for use in cabinets, track lighting for bookshelves, fluorescent storage surfaces and mini profiles for furniture and installations.

Tailor-made lighting solutions

Above all, technical developments such as LED and OLED offer new options in lighting. These have enabled the lighting industry to grow at a particularly rapid pace in recent years. By virtue of their extremely compact design and high energy efficiency alone, LEDs are versatile components in the design of furniture and interiors.

As light sources in living and working spaces, in shopfitting and other sectors, they impress with their adaptability and particularly long operating life. Current solutions range from tailor-made, planar LEDs, through to self-adhesive, flexible LED strips for the precise implementation of the light sources.

Minimal space requirement

The volume of the light sources becomes continually further reduced. New light solutions create a maximum atmosphere although they have a minimal space requirement. Illuminated glass shelves, background lit seating arrangements or diodes woven into textiles illuminate the interior. Mobile, wireless battery-run luminaires provide light precisely where it happens to be needed.

Light sources that are integrated into cabinets or mirrors provide intensive light in individual functional areas in the kitchen and bathroom. And in the office, backlit acoustic panels have a positive effect on the work climate.

Lamps are becoming data media

Due to the rapidly progressing digitalisation the lighting industry will undergo further changes. Instead of purely providing light, luminaries will more and more frequently also function as data media devices. As part of complex systems, they support the growing living comfort in the smart home or the increasingly connected smart building. Modern lamps communicate with each other or are fitted with sensors and other devices to provide the most efficient and accurate lighting possible.

And they will become more and more individual. Lamps can already be produced using 3D printers so that they can satisfy specific requirements. And we eagerly look forward to the further developments here.


Avion floor lamp

by Gera Leuchten GmbH

Lichtbord 100

by Gera Leuchten GmbH

Lichtsystem 3 Lichtbord

by Gera Leuchten GmbH
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