Feb 01 2021

Number of the month: More spending on furniture

Together with GfK, we present facts and figures about the furniture market every month. This month, the focus is on the furnishing and living segment and the so-called "shopping trips".

...higher was household spending in the furnishings/living segment in the four weeks before Christmas 2020* compared to the same period last year. The so-called "shopping trips", i.e. the number of purchase acts in the corresponding product groups, also increased during this period.  

This means that the furnishings/living market developed significantly better than the non-food market as a whole, which underlines the particular attractiveness of this product area in the 2020 Christmas business. The reason for this positive development were two fundamental needs of shoppers last year, which were once again particularly in focus before Christmas and also brought additional growth to the furnishings/living market. 

The trend "to make one's own home cosy" ensured that product groups such as living room furniture or carpets recorded a significant increase in household spending. Bedding and bed linen were also placed under the Christmas tree much more frequently in 2020 than in the previous year. 

The desire to "cook with the family", on the other hand, boosted product groups such as pots, pans and pressure cookers. But more money was also spent on kitchen knives and other household aids at Christmas than at the same time last year. 

Home office also remains a trend topic, so demand for suitable office furniture was also high in the Christmas countdown.  

*Source: GfK Consumer Panel Nonfood Weekly Radar, Week 48-51/2020 vs. Week 48-51/2019

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