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How does work become more attractive? Current solutions for furnishing transform grey office floors into sensual places of experience.

Aug 02 2021

Today, the working environment should be as attractive as possible. Now that many employees have returned to the office from their home office, the question is once again how to promote well-being here. Sensually appealing furnishings can contribute significantly to a positive working atmosphere. In addition to a good room climate, pleasant lighting and acoustics, plants and colourful and material-friendly furnishings also counteract the grey everyday working atmosphere. 

A breath of fresh air for office design 

When returning to the office, it is more important than ever to provide a good atmosphere. For example, solutions for improving the office climate bring a breath of fresh air into the working environment. They start with the purification of the room air and the perception of odours. Air purifiers in particular have gained a whole new significance in the corona pandemic. Current models such as those from amficab, a joint project between furniture manufacturer Vierhaus and other partners, combine state-of-the-art filter technology with an ambitious design concept.

Monitors such as the "View Plus" unit by the Norwegian company Airthings monitor the quality of the office air. A large selection of low-odour materials for interiors and furniture also ensures olfactorily pleasant workplaces. Odours in particular can have an activating or relaxing effect and promote concentration – but they can also have the opposite effect. Devices for room scenting, for example from The Olfactory, therefore offer olfactory notes such as forest, sea or cherry blossom. 

Working greener 

Plants can also significantly improve the indoor climate in the office. Studies also show that green spaces help reduce stress and promote productivity. So why not integrate plants directly into the office furniture? With new elements such as the plant accessories from the manufacturer USM, greenery can be playfully integrated into existing furniture systems.

For vertical planting, Brunner has developed the new "Para Vert" room divider, which also functions as a transparent room filter and can be extended as required. The "LivePicture" plant cassettes from Mobilane also offer decorative greenery. An irrigation system is integrated into the green wall elements for offices, which supplies the plants with water for four to six weeks. 

Concept for a workshop area © Steelcase AG

Always on the move 

A working environment that appeals to all the senses also includes the topic of movement. After all, people who move around in the office stay physically and mentally fit. This is actually an old insight, but one for which there are always new solutions. One of the latest examples is the "Rider" movement seat by Wilkhahn, which is reminiscent of a saddle. As a dynamically moving standing aid, it can be used in many different ways in the office.

New desk models with a wide range of settings, such as the "Migration SE" by Steelcase, also keep employees on the move. Users can decide for themselves whether they want to work sitting or standing. Operating elements such as the Desk Panel DPG from Linak, which can be connected to a mobile phone or PC, have a motivating effect. With notifications and clear statistics, it motivates more active use of the adjustment function of office desks. 

Bewegungssitz „Rider“ von Wilkhahn  © Wilkhahn Wilkening + Hahne GmbH + Co.KG

Acoustically and visually effective 

One of the main advantages of the home office is the possibility of better concentration. But even in the office, disturbing noises can be easily avoided and quiet zones can be set up. What is remarkable about new solutions for office acoustics is not only their sound-absorbing effect but also their design. The new modular partition wall system "Clamp" by Palmberg, for example, is not only extremely versatile, but with 20 colours as well as elements made of textile, glass and slats, it also conveys a homely feeling of space.

The "crea.panel" table and room divider from the Swiss company Girsberger is also acoustically and visually effective. The panels made of corrugated cardboard are printed on both sides with four decorative graphics and can be written on, pasted over or used as a pinboard. A charming solution for privacy in the office is offered by the new "Work Tents" collection from Steelcase. Inspired by tents, the versatile privacy screen shields the workplace sometimes more and sometimes less. 

Colourful instead of grey 

People are eye animals. A sensually inviting office environment therefore includes, above all, appealing colours and shapes. Many manufacturers therefore offer up-to-date office furniture with a homely design and a wide selection of materials and colours – like the Sedus company, which wants to make everyday working life more colourful with its own "colour cookbook" for office planners. Another original approach to increasing the sensual appeal and thus also the attractiveness of the office.

Author: Broekman+Partner

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