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Office furniture rental trend

Since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, many employees have had to work in a home office. Many fall back on their own furniture. However, this often does not meet the ergonomic requirements for office furniture. Three start-ups now want to offer a solution to this problem - with a rental offer for office furniture.

Apr 26 2021

Nuwo – office furniture leasing with ergonomic standards   

The kitchen table is converted into a desk, while the wooden chair serves as an executive chair. This is certainly not comfortable, let alone ergonomic. To protect employees from health consequences in the home office, the start-up Nuwo has launched a leasing offer for office furniture. 

The concept behind it: Instead of having to invest in high-quality office furniture themselves, employees can lease it at a reduced tax rate through their employer. To do this, the companies sign a contract with the start-up. Then their employees choose the furniture they need. Nuwo works exclusively with specialist dealers who carry AGR and GS as well as QO certified brands.  

After the selection, they send an offer with the furniture chosen by the employees to the employer. The employer can then decide how much to contribute to the costs. On request, companies can also get an in-house online shop from Nuwo with their own branding and a range of products tailored to their needs.  

However, this idea is not new. The designfunktion group recently launched a home office shop. This offers employees of participating companies the opportunity to purchase vouchers for office furniture. 

With its office furniture leasing, Nuwo equips company employees with ArbSchG-compliant home office furniture. © Claus Morgenstern

Furnable - designfunktion subsidiary wants to make offices agile 

As a subsidiary of the designfunktion Group, Furnable also offers high-quality office furniture at affordable monthly rates. The start-up was founded with the aim of supporting organisations in the transformation of their working environments. With the help of rental furniture, the aim is to react agilely, flexibly and quickly to changes.  

Agile and flexible thus means: After a minimum term of three months, the contract with Furnable can be terminated or reconfigured on a monthly basis. This means that start-ups or fast-growing companies can put together their working environment in a way that suits their needs. There are no acquisition costs. The only rental costs are from 10.40 euros per month and workstation.  

According to the company, there is a choice of high-quality office products from selected designfunktion partner brands such as USM, brunner, framery, Haworth and Vario. If desired, the furniture can be taken over after the rental period; the rent paid so far will then be credited against the purchase price.

To support companies in the transformation from classic offices to agile working environments, the start-up Furnable offers office furniture for rent. © USM

Mobelo - furniture on a subscription basis for the sake of the environment 

Mobelo, on the other hand, was launched with a subscription model. The idea behind it: Reduce furniture waste to save the planet. To achieve this, the three ambitious founders rely on the concept of the circular economy. In concrete terms, this means that the company selects high-quality furniture that can then be reused, repaired and refurbished. According to Mobelo, this saves 8.88 tonnes of carbon per person, for example through shorter transport routes and less air, water and soil pollution. 

Mobelo currently has a home office package on offer. This consists of a floating table with chair and lamp. There are two subscription models, each with a six- and twelve-month term. With a six-month term, the office package costs 95.99 euros per month; with twelve months, 54.99 euros per month are due. The first delivery is free of charge.  

In addition to the home office package, the start-up also offers other pieces of furniture for rent, including beds, chairs, tables or bookshelves.  

Author: Katja Ollech 

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