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The entrance area is the first thing you see when you enter a flat or house and is a kind of calling card. A coat rack that keeps clothes and accessories within easy reach ensures a fitting welcome and quick order. They are available to match a wide range of furnishing styles.

Jan 18 2021

Bow by Schönbuch (Design: f/p design) 

The Bow coat rack is a minimalist object with a sculptural effect. Its striking design feature is the lateral positioning of the tubular steel rod on the plate base. The rod and base have a powder coating with a fine structure in shades ranging from black to yellow.  

A flat, almost invisible plastic rail is attached to the coat rail, with space for up to four hangers. The rail prevents scratches on the coating of the steel tube. Bow can support a weight of up to seven kilograms and is very space-saving.

Minimalist with a sculptural effect: Bow wardrobe © Schönbuch

Leano by Roomsafari (from the Modular Frames programme, designer: Cheong & Nogtev) 

Simply lean against the wall at an angle: Leano is characterised by its reduced design. The stable frame construction of the coat rack stands firmly on the floor without additional fastening, and its square shape sets jackets and coats in scene as if in a frame. The more the garments are hung on it, the more stable Leano presses against the wall and floor.  

The filigree coat rack is robust, flexible and offers plenty of space for clothes and accessories. It can be used to display clothes in the shop, as a lean-to coat rack in the office or at home in the hallway and bedroom. To protect the wall and floor, Leano stands on small rubber feet, and the two wall supports are also equipped with rubber ends. With the included screws and Allen key, its individual parts are assembled in no time.

Simply lean against it at an angle: Leano coat rack © Roomsafari

Mr Steed by Hermann Schwerter/Iserlohner Haken (Design: Hadi Teherani) 

Versatile, with a graphic effect: Mr Steed is a coat hook made of stainless steel for hotels and living rooms. It was designed by the Hamburg architect and designer Hadi Teherani. The elegant hanger belongs to the Iserlohner Haken collection, which is produced by Hermann Schwerter Metallwarenfabrik. In reference to the legendary hat-wearer from the British TV series "Mit Schirm, Charme und Melone" (With Umbrella, Charm and Bowler Hat), the brand's latest coat hook was given its name.  

The large ring of the wall object provides support for headwear, the front bar offers plenty of space for jackets and coats. A curved arch leads to the wall for hanging an umbrella, handbag, coat hanger or scarf. Mr Steed cuts just as good a figure as an original solitaire as it does as a group of coordinated colours. It is available in nine colour variations, all of which can be combined with each other.  

Hang it all by Vitra (Design: Charles & Ray Eames) 

A classic among the wall coat racks is Hang it all by Charles & Ray Eames with its colourfully lacquered balls as a distinctive feature. Instead of simple hooks, the colourful wooden balls are meant to encourage children to hang their things on them. The coat rack can be mounted next to each other as often as desired. The designers' educational intention also works for adults.  

So Vitra keeps introducing new versions. The latest: a special edition with balls made of light Carrara marble and light grey wire frames. The original colour composition of Hang it all comes from Ray Eames. To celebrate its 100th birthday in 2012, Vitra and the Eames Office have already developed three new versions of the coat rack in the fresh colour worlds of red, green and white.

Variations in demand: spheres and a wire frame characterise Hang it all © Vitra

Cutter by Skagerak (Design: Niels Hvass) 

With its shelf made of individual wooden struts, the compact Cutter coat rack is reminiscent of a footbridge. Its clear Scandinavian design sets a striking accent in the entrance area. The generous wooden slatted shelf offers space for scarves, gloves and headwear. Below the shelf are five stainless steel coat hooks for jackets, coats and other items of clothing.  

The coat rack is space-saving and is therefore also suitable for narrow rooms and narrow corridors. Cutter is partly made of FSC-certified teak or oak wood. It can be complemented with other products from the series such as a bench, stool and wooden container in a matching look.

Scandinavian elegance: Cutter by Skagerak © Skagerak

Coach by Van Esch (Design: Hermes/Jessen) 

Coat rack, bag rack, seat and backrest in one: Coach is a versatile furnishing item made of bent beech plywood. After putting down the bag and hanging up the jacket on one of the hooks or knobs, you can sit comfortably on the integrated seat to take off your shoes.  

Coach fits just as well in private entrance areas as in a hotel room or a changing room. The original coat rack makes optimal use of the space. Its three hangers each consist of a large button with a small hook. The coat rack is attached to the wall with a metal wall frame.

Multifunctional entrance: Coach is a coat rack, bag rack, seat and backrest all in one © Van Esch

Nymphenburg by Classicon (Design: Otto Blümel) 

The slender freestanding Nymphenburg coat rack by graphic designer and book designer Otto Blümel dates back to the Art Nouveau era. It is a design classic that fits into differently designed environments - from the cosy flat in an old building to a stylish restaurant. It offers space for many coats, jackets and scarves. Nymphenburg is made of brass with a nickel-plated surface or powder-coated in black and bronze.  

Whether leaning, free-standing or permanently mounted: Depending on the space available, there are a variety of innovative solutions to accommodate the wardrobe. By the way, too many items of clothing should never be hung up there. Not only so that visitors can find one or two free hangers.

Classic solution: Nymphenburg, a free-standing art nouveau coat rack © Classicon

Author: Heike Edelmann 

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