„New Visions of Work“

Office Trends 2022: our changing world of work

Rarely has the future of work been more in focus than today. Developments that have been emerging for some time have been intensified with the Corona pandemic. Topics such as home office and digital transformation, flexible offices and agile teamwork are permanently changing the world of work. New ideas and solutions are in demand. "New Visions of Work" is therefore also the motto of the upcoming ORGATEC. Next year, the leading international trade fair for modern working environments will present new ideas, concepts and products together with its exhibitors and partners. To get in the mood for the trade fair year, we venture a preview of some office trends for 2022. What's coming? What will remain? And where can exciting innovations be expected? 

Dec 07 2021

The main thing is being healthy 

The pandemic continues to dominate our everyday working lives. What has already become apparent in the office environment over the past two years will therefore continue: The development of resilient workplaces that enable a safe office presence. The focus here is on the health of employees. 

The spectrum of solutions ranges from spacing concepts for collaborative working to antiviral furniture surfaces. New technical products for the office, such as room ventilators or lights with a disinfecting effect, can also contribute to better health protection. Functionally and ergonomically optimised desks and office chairs are also gaining in importance, especially with regard to home office work.

3D-printed accessories "b.friends" made of 100 percent recycled bioplastics © Bene GmbH/Photo: Alex Sarginson

Sustainable posture 

As the greatest challenge of our time, the climate crisis is increasingly determining our own actions. Younger professionals in particular are striving for a sustainable lifestyle, cycling to the office, consuming regional products or eating a vegan diet. The working environment should reflect this attitude. Thus, climate change in the office will also continue towards "green" furnishings

Resource-conserving or recycled materials are already standard in many office furniture collections. New processes are constantly expanding the options for production and design, which is why interesting innovations can also be expected here in the future. The proportion of renewable raw materials for office furnishings also continues to increase. An increasing demand can also be observed for modular office furniture. It can be flexibly adapted to agile forms of work and is thus longer and more sustainable in use. 

Creative cooperation 

Work is becoming increasingly detached from fixed spaces. This makes the attractiveness of the office environment all the more important in order to remain interesting for employees. What is needed today are concepts that make the office, and thus the employer, more attractive and ultimately more authentic. Social interaction is increasingly coming to the fore. While the home increasingly became the office in the pandemic, the office is increasingly transforming into a place for exchange and inspiration.

Instead of individual workplaces, spaces are now being created for new, creative forms of work. The "home" feeling is conveyed by design objects from the living area such as comfortable upholstered furniture and seating groups or warm and indirect lighting. Playful accessories underline the relaxed ambience. Quietness is provided by attractively designed acoustic elements or room boxes for concentrated conversations and individual work.

Woven Gradience" carpet tile collection with colours inspired by nature © Interface

Back to nature 

The office of the future creates spaces with added value that have a positive effect on well-being. Green plants and other elements from nature make a special contribution to this. The trend towards biophilic design is therefore unbroken. Aspects such as natural light, vegetation or a design close to nature are taking up more and more space in newer office concepts – nature as a contrast to technology and urban hustle and bustle. 

The need for closeness to nature is expressed, among other things, in the increasing use of natural materials and colours. This is also associated with a renunciation of chemical substances or the growing popularity of handcrafted products. Organic shapes and natural patterns also play a greater role in the office. The classic indoor plant is increasingly being replaced by more extensive greenery on walls or in furniture. 

ORGATEC 2022 will present further exciting trends in the office furniture sector. The leading international trade fair for modern working environments will take place next year from 25 to 29 October. 

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