Aug 23 2019

Outdoor lighting: making it shine

Today, outside areas function as a kind of extension to our homes. Many people use their own terraces and gardens as places to relax, leave their cares behind and rest. We feel close to nature in these spaces and can escape the stress of our everyday lives. When it comes to showing your garden in the best light, outdoor lighting is essential. Whether classical in appearance, featuring elements clearly inspired by tradition or in a contemporary style, the collections are as diverse as the garden designs of the homeowners themselves.

Vibia – inspired by plants

The goal of a harmonious garden design is often to create an aesthetic connection between nature and living space. Where this is the case, lighting fixtures should not dominate their environment but rather provide subtle illumination and blend into the overall look.

Lamps in organic designs aim to give off light without being too intrusive. What is more, they seek to melt away into their surroundings. Spanish lamp manufacturer Vibia offers solutions for garden lighting that is easily integrated into the environment.

The design of the company’s outdoor lighting fixtures is inspired by natural elements: stones, branches and the stems of flowers serve as the creative foundation on which to produce lamps that mirror the outlines of their surroundings.  

The luminaires in the “Brisa” collection are reminiscent of the shape of bellflowers. The stem of the lamp, like that of the plant, ends in a pendulous cone that mimics the languid pose of the flower. Other light sources from Vibia are inspired by the minimalist aesthetics of stones or have a tree-like design that almost appears to have grown naturally.

The botanical look is supported by a choice of natural colours including brown and khaki. In addition, only weatherproof materials such as aluminium, steel and stainless steel are used.In order to take care of nature as well, Vibia uses LED bulbs with a long life and which, on average, consume around 85 per cent less energy. 

Garpa – atmospheric lighting 

Lanterns or storm lamps are classic choices when it comes to creating an atmospheric glow and symbolise warmth and cosiness, even outdoors. With its “Neva” solar lamp, Garpa has launched a lantern on the market that not only boasts a striking design, but also features impressive lighting technology. 

With just a few hours of sunlight during the day, the lantern can illuminate a garden and terrace for up to four hours in the evening, making its use completely unrestricted by the need for a fixed power source.“Neva” can also be dimmed in three levels, thus providing additional atmosphere in the evening hours. 

BEGA – a clear view of the purpose

But garden lighting does still need to fulfil a practical purpose. Paths and flowerbeds must be well lit so that you can continue to walk safely through your green paradise in the dark. Small spotlights are often the best option. They can provide subtle illumination in dangerous spots such as steps or raised areas, or even highlight summerhouses or ponds. 

BEGA offers a wide range of solutions that elegantly combine the useful with the beautiful. Thanks to over 70 years of experience and constant further development, not only are the company’s garden luminaires highly resilient and able to withstand any weather, but they also blend unobtrusively into the garden.

To extend the service life of these LED lamps even further, durable materials such as glass, silicone and aluminium are used instead of conventional plastic lenses. So that the electronic components in the LEDs last even longer, thermal management keeps temperatures low inside the luminaire. In addition, electronic protective devices prevent the individual components from overheating. 

We often lack the time to really enjoy our gardens during the day, and when we have the necessary leisure time in the evening, it’s frequently already too dark. That’s why it’s so important that our gardens are properly lit. On the one hand, these lamps should serve a practical purpose and on the other, they should display our green oases of well-being in the right light.

The international garden trade fair spoga+gafa, which will take place in Cologne from 1 to 3 September, is the place to find inspiration and discover design ideas from a wide range of manufacturers.

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