Nov 08 2018

Pickawood’s recipe for success: made-to-measure furniture and online marketing

Growing numbers of furniture buyers are avoiding mass-produced products. Hamburg furniture company Pickawood has spotted this trend and wants to profit from it. It aims to increase its turnover by 50 per cent – with furniture made to measure. But how exactly will Pickawood achieve this?

"We’ve grown considerably since we founded the company," says Managing Director Tim Ehling. The young entrepreneur started Pickawood in 2012 with his business partner, Henry Fleischer, with the aim of becoming the number one brand for custom-made furniture in Europe.

And they’ve succeeded: since its launch, the company has generated turnover of more than Euro 12 million. According to media outlets such as the Financial Times and Gründerszene, Pickawood is one of the fastest-growing start-ups in Germany and Europe.

How Pickawood works

Pickawood provides various configurators in its online shop and uses them to sell individual, custom-made furniture. Its range includes shelving, cupboards, sideboards and tables. Orders that are especially complex can be planned and produced by the company’s own interior designers and timber construction engineers.

Thanks to its cooperation with twelve carpentry and joinery workshops, Pickawood is able to offer a wide range of products and meet many customer needs. At the same time, it can flexibly expand its production capacities and adjust them to current requirements. Pickawood is always the sole point of contact and contractual partner for customers.

A direct distribution channel between Pickawood and its production significantly reduces its costs, and the company passes on these savings to its customers.

How Pickawood attracts customers

As an e-commerce company, Pickawood generates a large share of its turnover through the classic online marketing channels search, display and social. "Thanks to the organic growth of our brand and our regular PR activities, our website is now ranked very highly for all the relevant search terms," says Tim Ehling, who set up a search engine marketing agency before founding Pickawood.

New marketing channels are currently being tested, such as various test TV campaigns. "We’ve been booking campaigns, measuring the results, fine-tuning the advert and adjusting the channel and scheduling over a period of twelve months," explains the online marketing expert. Similar measures are under way for other marketing channels.

Focus on usability

The company is also currently developing a brand-new 3D configurator and a new shop system to significantly enhance usability and the customer experience.  "From our own analyses and feedback from our customers, we’ve identified that the diversity and the large number of options that we offer can sometimes be overwhelming," Ehling explains.

 "On the other hand, we want to present even more inspiration and product suggestions to our customers to show them the kinds of products that they can plan and order from Pickawood."

Ehling sees all these measures combined as an important building block that will take the company a big step closer to its goal of becoming the number one brand for made-to-measure furniture.

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