From curvy sofas to gothic kitchens

Pinterest trends: What to expect 2022

The image platform Pinterest dares to take a look into the future: What trends will be in vogue in 2022, especially in the area of living and furnishing? We'll tell you.

Dec 14 2021

A new kitchen, the next sofa or a new furnishing style - many people use Pinterest to plan for the future. So if furniture manufacturers and retailers know the preferences of Pinterest users, they can easily predict which trend will come next. And they can do so with a fair degree of certainty, because last year eight out of ten predictions made by the image platform came true. Let's take a closer look at the future.

It's all round

Pinterest's design prediction for 2022: Curves are in. People will invest in furnishings like curved sofas, bar designs and kitchen islands. The driving forces behind the versatile home trend are baby boomers, Gen X and millennials.

The clock is ticking 

Perhaps it's a sign of the times, but people are more into clocks than ever - and not just on their arms. Oversized clocks as decoration will define the living style of 2022, especially among Generation X and Baby Boomers.

Back to the 90s

The gothic trend is experiencing a renaissance and will prevail in all age groups in the coming year, but in a different way than some might expect. One thing can be said in advance: Furnishers should have gothic kitchen decorations on offer.

Luxury in unusual places

It's nothing new that almost everyone wants a little luxury in their lives, but what about the laundry room or the basement? In 2022, people will be giving the nooks and crannies of their homes a luxury makeover. For Millennials and Generation X, forgotten rooms will become a topic of conversation when they have guests over.

It's so green

Millennials are turning to plant-based design solutions this year to strengthen their connection to nature and improve their well-being. Gardens in the stairwell, ecological interiors and floral ceilings are therefore all the rage. Plants do not stop at the office either. Furniture retailers are therefore well advised to complement their furnishing assortment with a wide selection of greenery.

The ancient Greeks

In 2022, nostalgia returns to its roots. This year, people will take inspiration from Ancient Greece and invest in everything from Corinthian home decor to Aphrodite-inspired wallpaper. One of the youngest generations - Generation Z - is embracing this ancient trend more than any other.

The child in us

Who says only kids have all the fun? This year, Generation X and baby boomers in particular are into playful furnishings like indoor swings and fairy-like bedroom ideas. No wonder: toys also keep the big kids young at heart.

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