Jan 21 2019

Please wait to be seated!

No longer is the chair just a piece of furniture for sitting. Expertly crafted, solidly built or delicately shaped: Chairs are not only the perfect companions for convivial gatherings but also small design highlights that impart a sense of refined simplicity. The lines between chair and armchair, commercial furniture and personal use, work stool and furniture for relaxing are gradually becoming indistinguishable. The main thing is that it be beautiful and comfortable. We present some examples of lovely seats here.

Bondi Beach

Inspired by the Australian coastline

“PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED” is not only the written instruction to restaurant visitors in many English-speaking countries but also the distinctive brand name of a young Danish furniture label. The Bondi chair by Australian designer Fräg Woodall would go just as well with a kitchen or dining table at home as in a cafe or restaurant. The curve of the backrest is reminiscent of the famous bay of the same name. Bondi is made of solid ash according to the finest quality craftsmanship criteria. 

A quiet longing for the old days

The classic club chair in a modern look

The harmoniously shaped 562 club chair from Rolf Benz is perfect in any room. Its delicate frame and organic appearance is suitable for stylish living environments and small niches, corners for reading or conversing, hotels, clubs and other public spaces. The design for this solitaire comes from This Weber, who created a striking wood base as well as a fine metal base to go with the delicately rounded seat. The design of the 562 is always elegant and very communicative thanks to the optional swivel function of the wooden base. It quietly resonates with the new nostalgia of days gone by.

lui here or lui there?

Multifunctional seating comfort from Austria

The comfortable upholstered lui chair is a classic example of the natural wood furniture brand Team 7. lui also looks good as a work chair in the swivel version and elegantly combines various seating functions around the table. The seat shell nestles perfectly against the body, providing superior seating comfort with its fully sculpted cushioning made of ergonomic foam. A wide range of versions in leather, natural leather and fabrics as well as various types of wood allow for individual design preferences. 

Favourite chair for knitting

The return of a classic: The Knitting Chair by Ib Kofod-Larsen

The Danish architect and designer Ib Kofod-Larsen launched his Knitting Chair in 1951, an extraordinary new chair design of Danish modernism. The exposed triangular construction with gently arched seat and back and the striking cutouts for supporting the elbows while reading (or knitting) is a testament to Kofod-Larsen’s reputation as a master of proportion and unexpected sculptural form. Produced only in a limited edition at the time, the elegant, original design ultimately became a coveted collector’s item. Recently released by MENU, the Knitting Chair is now available in a dark stained solid oak version with grey-brown aniline leather.


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