Jun 29 2020

Furniture podcasts - listen to them!

Audio formats and especially podcasts have been in vogue for years. Hardly a week goes by without a new podcast being released. The topic has also long since arrived in the furnishing industry. While platforms such as Monocle or Design Milk launched their own audio entertainment channels a few years ago, the trend in Germany only came into focus last year. We present a small selection of design, architecture and interior podcasts that you should listen to.

Audio Entertainment on the rise

The boom in audio entertainment is actually not new in Germany. Audio books, radio plays, digital radio, music streaming services or podcasts have been on the market for a long time. What is new, however, is that it is no longer hiding in the fan niche, but is being carried by media companies to the masses. 

Audio is a trend, which is why ProSiebenSat.1 with "FYEO - For Your Ears Only", RTL with "Audio Now" or new international providers such as Acast or Castbox are driving the on-demand channel forward. Audio formats are easy to produce, easy to distribute and can be consumed anywhere with headphones.

According to a Bitkom study from 2019, one in four Germans (26 percent) stated that they listen to podcasts and the like - last year it was 22 percent. Podcasts play an important role in audio entertainment. According to the survey, news and politics (45 percent) and film and television (41 percent) are particularly popular among podcast listeners. 

A similar number are interested in sports and leisure and comedy (38 percent each). One in three (33 percent) likes listening to music podcasts, closely followed by science (29 percent) and education (28 percent).

The global furnishing industry has also long since discovered the format for itself. While the international interior blog Design Milk, for example, introduced its listeners to the world of interior, architecture and design topics as early as 2016 with "Clever" in the form of interviews, reports or designer portraits, the first podcasts for the home, living and furnishing sectors were not launched on the market in Europe until later.

Business to Business: Podcasts for experts

Everything you need to know about the world of design, from furniture, fashion and craftsmanship to architecture, is covered by the podcast "Monocle on Design". A wide variety of topics such as material trends, extras on the subject of design and craftsmanship, discussions on the connection between health and architecture, or the question of what constitutes a design capital are regularly taken up and examined. New, up-and-coming designers and design studios also have their say here - a colourful mix all around the universal theme of design. 

In the podcast series of the "Ndion" for design, brand and innovation, the German Design Council invites experts from all sectors to discuss the current challenges of transformation. Discussions with design personalities, newcomers and companies, international design and brand news, cross-industry innovations and trends are on the agenda here. 

Most recently, Jörg Thadeusz spoke with the Hamburg design duo Eva Marguerre and Marcel Besau about their craft, about living and working under one roof, about design as a profession and a calling, and about the fact that they never argue.

In the podcast series of the

Architecture for the ears - this is how you could describe the interview podcast "Architecture and the World" by architect Tilla Baganz. In five episodes to date, the Swiss artist has been introducing her listeners to the depths of architecture through detailed discussions with colleagues. Her topics revolve around a sense of space, building and design, architectural education, models, drawings and books. A must for lovers of architecture. 

"Wohnklamotte.business" is the first podcast of a German digital living platform to be launched this year. It provides furniture dealers, brands, agencies and other interested parties with valuable know-how about building digital visibility. 

Hosts Josephine Seidel-Leuteritz and Maximilian Pohlmann offer their listeners insights from the interior industry and show how the furnishing industry can be increasingly digitized. This is exciting for listeners who are increasingly concerned with digital topics and developments. 


Dwelling, living, furnishing: Living podcasts for design lovers

"Clever" is the name of the podcast of the interior blog Design Milk by Jaime Derringer and designer Amy Devers. Since 2016, the interior experts have been talking on their audio channel to creative people who cover every facet of the design world. Designers, illustrators, developers, designers, architects and many more provide insights into their careers, sources of inspiration and projects. 

Episode 121 was released on 23 June: In this episode Devers talks to designer Marquise Stillwell, founder and head of design consultancy Openbox, co-founder of the art and design oriented documentary film company Opendox and co-founder of Deem Journal, a print magazine and online platform focusing on design as a social practice. 

Jaime Derringer, founder of Design Milk, and designer Amy Devers (from left to right) are the creative minds behind the podcast

"Sofa So Good" is the first podcast of the home improvement magazine Schöner Wohnen. Every two weeks, editor-in-chief Bettina Billerbeck and columnist Anne Zuber answer the big questions about furnishing - from the pros and cons of a kitchen-living room to concentrated work in the home office to separate bedrooms. Good entertainment and solid living knowledge for all those who want to live more beautifully.  

Following the launch of the first blogger magazine "Holly", Holly Becker launched her own podcast in 2019. Every two weeks, the English-language audio format "Hello Holly" appears, in which the blogger shares her personal thoughts, trends and stories about what moves her at the moment. Talk guests from the world of design as well as authors, bloggers, designers, artists, trend researchers and stylists also regularly have their say with her. A colourful mix on the subject of furnishing.  

Listen to what moves people from the world of design and architecture

Audio is booming - especially podcasts. According to current studies, more and more people are listening to podcasts, especially because everyone can find something for themselves here. From niche topics to mainstream, there is something for every age group. The furnishing industry is also becoming increasingly present in the audio segment. 

Surely it is not easy to turn such a visual topic as furnishing into a podcast. Nevertheless, you should simply listen to the podcast makers - inspiration and many new insights into the world of interior design are pre-programmed.

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