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In offices and public buildings such as schools, public authorities or hospitals, strict rules are prescribed by fire protection regulations. This concerns the use of building materials as well as the furnishings. We present seven products from the ambista network that are high-quality, look good and meet the legal requirements.

Aug 01 2022

FIREPLAC® from europlac 

Versatile and safe: FIREPLAC® fire protection panels are suitable for the production of furniture and interior fittings for buildings that are subject to high fire protection regulations according to German and European building law. 

They have been tested as non-combustible A2 in accordance with building regulations, including coating with precious wood or laminate. The mineral panels are available with real wood veneer in over 100 different types of wood or covered with laminate. Europlac's decorative and functional fire protection products can be used, among other things, to create high-quality and safe wall and ceiling coverings. 

They can be processed with the usual tools and woodworking machines with a minimum of dust. Material residues can be disposed of like normal construction waste without any problems.

Digitally printed wall cladding A2 FIREPLAC® in the University of Tübingen with smoked oak ship's bottom look © europlac

Parallels sofa from SMV seating & contract furniture

Flame-retardant sofas: Parallels is a comfortable upholstered furniture series from the manufacturer SMV with tapered armrests. The family includes single armchairs, multi-seaters and corner solutions, optionally with chrome-plated feet or a straight-lined skid frame. 

Thanks to its excellent fire protection properties, the beautifully designed furniture ensures that the requirements for flame resistance in public buildings or office lounges are met. 

A high level of safety is guaranteed by certification to DIN 66084 P-a. In addition to its furniture programmes, SMV organises special fire protection seminars. Current dates and further information can be found on the company's website.

Parallels Sofa as a flame-retardant corner solution for public buildings © SMV

Metal protective ceilings from Lindner Group

Beautiful and protective: Lindner offers installation-friendly ceiling solutions for requirements of all types and projects – whether for new buildings or refurbishment, for escape routes or to protect installations in the ceiling cavity. The product portfolio is approved and certified for both the German and international markets. 

To meet country-specific regulations, the manufacturer provides metal fire protection ceilings with different fire resistance classes. To ensure that the fire protection ceilings match the interior design of the respective building, they can be designed in the classic RAL colours, among others. 

Furthermore, many additional features that can be integrated and matched to the system are available, such as ventilation components, loudspeakers or escape sign luminaires.

Lindner metal fire protection ceilings in clinical areas © Lindner Group

Classic Line counter from Müller Möbelfabrikation

Reception with fire protection: The reception counter is a kind of business card for the company. With the Classic Line, visitors are not only greeted in an elegant and fresh way, even the standard version of the counter meets the highest standards of fire protection. 

All the furniture in the metal collection is made of sheet steel one to three millimetres thick. For the paintwork, Müller uses high-gloss and hard-wearing acrylic paints from the automotive industry. 

Since all colours of the RAL palette can be selected, the metal furniture can be adapted to a wide variety of furnishing styles. This creates individual counter solutions that retain their value and ensure greater safety in everyday working life.

Classic Line meets the highest fire protection requirements © Müller Möbelfabriktion

Lupino shell chair from Kusch+Co 

Non-combustible designer furniture: Preventive structural fire protection measures in hospitals, care facilities, office buildings and public buildings include the special design of foyers, waiting areas and corridors. 

With the Kusch+Co fire protection concept, design-oriented and comfortable furniture such as the Lupino armchairs with their gently curved seat shell can be used in these highly frequented areas. A fine, flexible separating layer between the seat upholstery and the upholstery fabric offers reliable resistance even in the case of direct flaming. 

It is approved by the building authorities and is non-combustible A2 in accordance with DIN 4102. With this coordinated combination of foam, separating layer and cover fabric, the upholstery composites comply with the DIN 66084 P-a classification.  

LightBeton from Richter Akustik & Design

Special mineral surface: In addition to its authentic look and feel, LightBeton is characterised above all by its unique properties and ease of processing. 

The mineral material is significantly lighter than a solid concrete wall. It can be easily processed with woodworking machines without causing increased wear on the tools. 

LightConcrete is flame retardant (B-s1 d0) and can be used for walls and other vertical surfaces as well as for floors. Formwork offers a very special look with the detailed imprint of the concrete system formwork.

LightBeton for flame-retardant walls and floors © Richter Akustik & Design

Afsum fabric by Christian Fischbacher 

The Contemporary Persia Collection by Hadi Teherani is an extensive selection of elegant fabrics influenced by Iranian culture. 

The fabric collection includes fine as well as coarse structures, in natural materials with earthy to bold hues. Flame retardant textiles such as the semi-transparent, floor-to-ceiling curtain fabric Afsun complete the spectrum. The Persian art of calligraphy inspired the striking design. 

Afsun is made of 100 percent Trevira CS, is available in four colour variations and, thanks to its flame retardancy, is also suitable for use in the contract sector.

Flame retardant curtain fabric Afsum with Persian calligraphy pattern © Christian Fischbacher 

Author: Heike Edelmann

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